Serial Experiments Lain ~ Review

Serial Experiments Lain ~ Review

“One of the most unique and oddly fascinating anime’s ever created”

Although it is mostly unknown to the general anime fans, it is considered to be one of the hidden diamonds to higher-end enthusiasts and hardcore fans such as myself. And thus, for my first ever review, I have decided with a series that I believe to be the best of the best.

Serial Experiments Lain is set in a present day world, where the use of wired communication is starting to become a big influence in society. The story revolves mainly around this cyberworld called “The Wired” which is connected via telegraph poles and wires that run all over the world and is widely influenced by the Internet and many subsequent networks, and Lain; a young schoolgirl who is socially awkward and soon starts to gain interest in this cyberworld after some weird events that occur around her, including the sudden suicide of a classmate and strange messages from “the dead”. As Lain delves deeper and deeper into “The Wired”, she soon starts to realize the thin line that exists between what is possible and what is real. She must now decide who she is, if she is anything at all.

Scenes of telegraph poles and wires such as these are constantly seen in the series. Fans believe that it has something to do with the strong underlying message/s hidden within the plot, but who knows?

The series focuses on themes including reality, identity, computer history, philosophy and conspiracy theories and was, and continues to be known to this day as one of the most unique stories written in anime. Fans describe Serial Experiments Lain as the first ever avant-garde anime series due to its twisted plot, hidden messages and its revolutionary audio and visual presentations.

Although airing almost 15 years ago (July 1998 – September 1998) and only consisting of 13 episodes, the series is one of the most controversial anime series, attracting interest from many philosophers around the world and being subject to much debate in many forums and sites around the web. As the series was written before the Internet became revolutionary, many fans find this series almost revolutionary in that it almost foretold the near future… scary!

Themes of human frailty, emotion and insanity can also be seen in many later scenes.

I personally find it very sad to know that so little anime fans have heard of this series and I really wish that anime fans that only know of mainstream series really open their views to such masterpieces such as Serial Experiments Lain. If I were to compile a best anime of all time list (which I know will be very hard to do), I would most definitely add Serial Experiments Lain to the list. As we live in a world that is almost over-ridden by the Internet, this series is guaranteed to hit home for many people, and can easily be all watched in a single sitting.

Serial Experiments Lain is a unique, deep, psychological thriller that continues to wow anime fans all over the world since its release. If you are an anime fan, I strongly recommend you go and watch this right now. And I mean, right now. And to those that have watched this already I leave you with this:

“Present day… Present Time… HAHAHAHAHAHA”


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 9.5/10

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