Joshiraku ~ Review

Joshiraku ~ Review

“When the main show has finished… the hilarity will begin!”

If you’re reading this review right now,and thinking to yourself, “What the hell is this anime??”, then I would not be surprised; although this anime came out only last season (at the time this review was written), not many people have seen or even heard of this series. Which is a terrible shame since I believe this to be one of the funniest and cutest things that I have ever watched.

Joshiraku is basically a slice-of-life anime about a group of young girls who are pursuing the road of Rakugo comedy (an Japanese comedy act that involves verbal entertainment and puns). It depicts the daily lives of these girls on and off the stage.

The main characters are (from left to right) Kukuru, Gankyou, Marii, Tetora and Kigurumi (of course these are their stage names and their actual names are unknown in the series)

Now you may be thinking… “Anime Man! This is nothing new; it’s basically another slice-of-life anime!”. Well… you’re right. This is exactly another one of those slice-of-life anime’s. But a of so-called “anime fans” fail to realize the great potential that such simple, basic story lines can pull if the execution is spot-on. And the result of such execution can pull out some of the funniest jokes and scenes ever created by an animation company.

I mean seriously, this is one of the few anime’s that have easily succeeded in making me physically cry with laughter almost every episode. However, this may be because there are a lot of jokes and scenes that require anymore from low to fairly high understanding of Japanese culture and way of living. And since I am half Japanese, I may be an exception hence why I find is series absolutely hilarious.

All in all, there are two things that I wanted to point out by writing this review to you good people. The first is that the genre of anime should never, ever judge how poor or good the series is; what determines how good or bad one series is depends on the anime itself. The second is that after you finish reading this review, you should go and watch some Joshiraku. I’ve already watched it, twice.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4/5 – Strongly Recommended

Final Score: 9/10

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