Elfen Lied ~ Review

Elfen Lied ~ Review

“An amazing romance story full of gore, revenge and protecting those that you love”

I finally got around to writing a review for this fantastic series that is unfortunately not as well known as it should be (I swear I’ve said that for every single one of my reviews, but anyways). I must warn yo though; if you are not a fan of bloody, violent and gory anime then I suggest that you don’t watch this series (I mean seriously, the series opens with a severed arm on the ground. Now, that is just messed up. Even for anime standards).

Elfen Lied revolves around the Diclonius, a new type of humanoid that have different genetic and physical makeup (although very similar to a human). They also have invisible arms, known as “vectors”, that are able to make contact and grasp objects, as well as being able to slice objects; which is how the Diclonius kills its victims. The story revolves around a Diclonius called Lucy who tries to escape the institution and is later found stranded on the beach by the main protagonist Kohta; Lucy having lost her memory due to a gunshot wound to the head while trying to escape. Kohta takes her in and comforts her until her memory returns. However, Kohta and Lucy are now being targeted by a Special Assault Team that are trying to bring Lucy back. Now Lucy must fight her way through to protect Kohta as her murderous, brutal past slowly returns to her.

As shown in this scene, the series is most famously known by the anime community as being extremely violent and gory.

The series is animated by Studio Arms Corporation; a relatively lesser known animation studio (animated such series as I”s Pure and Queen’s Blade) who, I believe, did quite a good job animating this series (and in that sense deserves more credit). The series is also known for its opening song, sung entirely in Latin and displays a classical/baroque feel. In other words, it is unlike any other anime opening you have seen. Another interesting aspect of Elfen Lied is its small use of better known voice actors; the most well known probably being Sanae Kobayashi who does he voice of Lucy (also starred as the voices of Allen Walker in D.Gray-man and Satsuki Kitaoji in Ichigo 100%).

The title of the series is German, meaning “Elf Song”, and is based off a German poem called “Elfenlied” (which is also featured story of the series). Besides the use of profound violence, Elfen Lied employs many other themes including the value of humanity, jealousy, social alienation, identity, abuse, revenge, regret and love. According to ADV Films, Elfen Lied was stated as being the bestselling and most notorious series of 2005 (that shows that the western countries have better respect for this series than everywhere else, I guess).

As I stated at the start of this review, I’m quite disappointed that this series is not as well known as it should be. In fact, I’m more disappointed that many people do not enjoy this series due t its extensive use of violence and gore, which is just narrow minded if you ask me. To me, the series is heavily influenced by the emotional aspect of the plot and the violence is merely used to reinforce the characters emotional struggles. Elfen Lied is also one of the very few series that actually made me cry, and contains what I personally see as the greatest ending in anime history. So please, if you haven’t watched this yet, then open your heart and view it. You will not regret it, trust me.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 10/10

3 thoughts on “Elfen Lied ~ Review

  1. La

    I could’nt agree more! Elfen Lied is by far the most beautiful anime I have ever seen, and I believe it is truly an one of a kind.

  2. Pericles

    Dude, first I say this: i feel ya. Really, the anime made me spare some tears, but the manga made me cry like a bitch. About it being an overated and rather unkwown series by most common anime watchers, I can tell that the people that watched or readed (or both) it really are blessed with an incredibly huge story with a 13ep long anime and 107 chapters of manga. By now, it was the most well made ending i have ever seen, so if you only read what everyone read, you will think like everyone think, and for anime lovers, ending an anime/manga is like earning a medal, witch I have a bigger liking of the EF medal. Few anime nowadays can even scratch its feels(i guess only clannad)

    1. matt

      The anime for sure made me cry, but like the guy above be said, the manga literally had me bauling for a good 30 minutes, like a little kid. Nothing ive watched/read has ever made me do that before. You should definately read the manga, i liked the anime ending but the manga ending is beautiful and 10x better


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