100 Views! Joyous of Days!

At around 3PM local time on this day, TheAnimeMan.wordpress.com exceeded a total of 100 pageviews!

My reaction when I checked the access numbers today.

…which may not seem like a lot to you large website owners, but to me it is quite a promising sign; it’s a sign that people are viewing my website and that I’m not just uploading cr*p for no reason. So thank you to all 100 viewers; we’ve had views from the US, Australia and the UK to unexpected places like Guatemala, Saudi Arabia and Denmark!

It just goes to show that no matter where you live in the world; anime links the world together (when I say world, I really mean about 100 people).
These 100 views can only push me to keep writing reviews, so that you don’t have to (that’s the motto!).

By the way, we have an event on this website at the current time that requires audience participation!
If you are unaware then check this link out to find out how you can participate in “The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time Poll”
We’ve only got about 20 voters at this current time and it would be nice to see more soon!

Thanks again guys! I’ll work my ass off to write more reviews and such for the wonderful anime community that resides on the Internet!

~ The Anime Man :3


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