YuruYuri ~ Review

YuruYuri ~ Review

“A hilarious slice-of-life anime full of cute girls and girls-love action!”

Quite a girly looking picture, don’t you agree? Well, this is because this series that ‘m about to review (or introduce if you haven’t yet seen it) is in fact, a yuri based comedy/slice-of-life series. You may be wondering, “what is this Yuri you speak of?”. Well then, let’s get onto the synopsis of this hilarious series, then we will run down on the technical stuff. All you need to know for the moment is that this series is very funny and deserves the viewers attention.

YuruYuri revolves around the daily lives of the Goraku-bu (lit. The Amusement Club), consisting of the self-proclaimed protagonist Akaza Akari, her two childhood friends Toshino Kyoko and Funami Yui and her classmate Yoshikawa Chinatsu, and the misadventures that surround the Amusement Club and the many characters that are associated with the club and its members.

The unique characteristics of each character drives the series along even though the series is ultimately lacking in storyline

Now, onto the technical stuff. For those of you who don’t know what “yuri” is, it is basically girl’s love in anime, in much the same way that “yaoi” means boy’s love. Yuri – much like yaoi – can come in many different levels; some series heavily rely on yuri while others use it solely for humor or character development. In the case of YuruYuri, the element of yuri is solely used for humor. In fact, this can also be seen in the title’s roots; “yuru” is a shortened form of the word “yurui” (lit. loose), so we can suspect that the title is a shortened form of “yurui yuri” (lit. loose yuri), i.e. light yuri. However this is just my hypothesis of the origins of the title and there is no hard evidence to suggest that this is correct.

The series is animated by Dogakobo,Inc. who have not so much animated many series but have mainly assisted the animation of other animation companies; surprisingly they have contributed in the animation of such series as Hell Girl, Ergo Proxy and Blood+, which is evidently a different style to that of this series. YuruYuri is one of the few series that Dogakobo,Inc. has done the main animation for, and I believe that they did a very good job. When it comes to voice actors, there aren’t many famous or note-worthy ones; the only one I could think of is Rumi Okubo who voices Chinatsu (and also voices Tsumiki from Acchi Kocchi and Sweet Little Devil Oda Nobunaga from Sengoku Collection).

Yuri isn’t necessarily my favourite type of anime genre; in fact there are very little series that contain yuri elements that I have in fact watched. But YuruYuri cleverly uses yuri elements melded with the slice-of-life hilarity to create a comedy that is quite unique from other slice-of-life anime series. And if you enjoyed this one, there is also season 2; YuruYuri♪♪, so you can doubly enjoy the yuri goodness of this show.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4/5 – Strongly Recommended

Final Score: 8/10

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