Yosuga no Sora ~ Review

Yosuga no Sora ~ Review

“A story of friendship, unforgettable romance and forbidden love”

This is another one of those romance/drama anime’s that pop up every now and then. Some are famous and loved by many, whilst some require you to do a little searching down under to find; this anime is one of those anime’s. There is an obvious gap between those that like and enjoy the series while there are those that dislike the series. Of course, everybody has their own opinion on whether the series is good or not; that’s the point of writing anime reviews. So, is this worth watching or worth ignoring? Let’s find out.

Yosuga no Sora revolves around the Kasugano twins who tragically lost their parents. Kasugano Haruka and his twin sister Kasugano Sora move to their grandparents place in the countryside in hopes of reconstructing their lives. While the two are physically similar, they hold different memories and are spiritually far apart; their memories and moments being their only support. As the two meet new people, their feelings are twisted and turned – their lives being changed by the moments that will inevitably change their futures.

The anime is known for its similar layout to that of the original game; having seperate arcs for each character with erotic arc endings

As the anime is based off an eroge (a term used by the Japanese, short for “erotic game”) of the same name, the anime contains erotic arc endings (that contain sex scenes, but without the details); this may be one of the reasons why Yosuga no Sora is lesser known compared to other romance/drama anime’s. It may also be the reason why there are many people who dislike the series (as they probably don’t dig hentai-esque scenes). The series falls under the genre of romance, drama and erotic, but it also falls under a new genre called twincest (I don’t think I have to go into why it falls under this genre, you can figure it out).

The anime was animated by feel. Studios, who have animated many other erotic/romance series such as Kissxsis, Mayo Chiki! and Da Capo II. The series doesn’t contain many well known voice actors either; the most notable out of all would have to be Shimono Hiro who voices Haruka (and is also known as the voices of Tsubaki Sasuke from SKET DANCE and Yoshii Akihisa from Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu).

It is very disappointing that many anime viewers dislike this series based solely on the fact (most of the time) on the erotic arc endings. However, there is the small minority that have the open-mindedness to see through the erotic scenes and enjoy the character development and the story behind each arc and character (or maybe they’re just fans of hentai-esque series, who knows). Although Yosuga no Sora is no masterpiece, it is certainly a good attempt at turning an eroge into a television-friendly romance/drama series, and thus my hat goes off to that (because trust me, there are other series that I have seen that have tried and failed miserably compared to this series). So give it a go, and if you don’t like, then you don’t like it; you can keep your opinions to yourself. Unless you’re like me and you can be bothered to write a reasonable review on it.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 2.5/5 – Watch it if you want

Final Score: 6/10

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