BTOOOM! ~ Review

BTOOOM! ~ Review

“An intense survival game with lots of exploding stuff!”

A genre that I really enjoy watching, especially when it comes to anime, is survival, or survival horror. And there are a lot of survival horror anime’s out there, some outshining others in more than one way. But one of the most recent survival horror anime’s (that actually finished today as of the time of this writing) is a survival horror anime that will leave you excited.

BTOOOM! revolves around Sakamoto Ryouta, a neet who spends him life playing games. His favourite game is a game called BTOOOM!, where players fight to the death using specialised bombs called bims, and their wits and skills. Ryouta is a world-ranked player, spending most of his days hiding in his room and playing this game. However one day, Ryouta finds himself on a deserted island. As he starts searching, he sees someone. Thinking it is another stranded person, he runs towards them, but then gets a bomb thrown at him the next instant. Ryouta has know realised that this is like the game BTOOOM! except now in real life. Ryouta must now try and survive the death game and escape from the island, without destroying his mentality and sanity.

The anime follows the story of the original manga, which was known for its graphic artwork and intense storyline

The anime featured 12 episodes and aired during the Fall 2012 season, ending earlier today. The series is animated by Madhouse Studios, who are known for their large range of genres and works, including MonsterTrigun and Death Note. The only notable voice actor that makes an appearance is Suzuko Mimori who voices Himiko (as well as the voices of Nanami from Kamisama Hajimemashita and Himawari from YuruYuri).

With the completion of the first season today, many fans are asking the question, “Is there going to be a season 2?”. Well according to the followers of the manga, there is most likely going to be a season 2 as the anime mostly follows the story of the manga. As there is more to the story according to the manga (and with the relative success of the anime series), there will have to be a season 2 sometime in the future. But of course, there is a possibility that there won’t be, in which case would leave many fans disappointed, including me.

If you love your survival horror and psychological horror anime series like Mirai Nikki and Eden of the East, then I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy this high impact series. According to Animeultima, the series is one of the most popular series of Fall 2012 (following Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and K) so you know that it’s a good one.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 8/10

21 thoughts on “BTOOOM! ~ Review

    1. Metalsand

      As much as I’d fucking LOVE a second season, it likely isn’t going to happen, or if it does, it will be a bastardized version like FMA (not brotherhood) was. Since 2009, there have been 51 mangas published of Btoom!. The first season took the first 50 mangas…so we’d have to either wait 4 years (3 for the manga to be produced, one for the animation/voice work) or they’d go completely off the intended story (most likely) just to make a bit extra. Though the original FMA manga plot IS better than the first FMA anime, and Brotherhood was better, i will admit they did a good job on the first FMA anime.

    1. theanimeman Post author

      There is no official continuation to my understanding, but judging from how the first season ended, there is most likely going to be a season 2.
      It could be sometime next year or even the year after, who knows.
      Let’s just hope there is going to be a season 2.

  1. g32t45

    I completly beleave that there will be a second season this show rocks well all of you know your self but i just had to sayit

  2. dominusalthus

    I’ll be happy with a second season, of course. But the hanging end was also fine with me, non-readers of the manga are left speculating about what happens next. Good insights rhough. Btooom is one of my faves last fall, plus Psycho Pass. :))) (It would’ve been K but it reminds me so much of Durarara! … I only watch it because of the superb art.)

  3. sakamoto

    were can i read English manga of this i really love this story next to deathnote…. in they stop at 53…. please i want to continue reading

  4. Raiki

    Final Decisions have been Made, “I’m sorry to everyone expecting a second season but It just won’t cut the popularity poll, Our target are the Japanese People if they don’t like it we won’t Continue airing it” MR. Razuki KImitaro Said.

  5. John Joshua Bada

    i want a season 2 of “BTOOOM” its to AWESOME with a great story involving gamers oh i dont know what to say anymore just produce the season 2,3,4,5,6,7… so on and so forth, cause I REALLY LIKE IT!! ^___________^


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