K ~ Review

K ~ Review

“A brilliantly executed story that is sure to get you excited”

There is nothing better in an anime series than great execution on top of a good story. And this is exactly what we have right here; although there are a few minor details that the story lacks, nonetheless this anime is definitely worth writing a review for. And for such a simple named anime, there are many awesome things packed in for you to check out.

revolved around Isana Yashiro, a seemingly normal high school kid who lacks the memories of his past. In this world where Shiro (as he is called by his classmates) live, there exists 7 kings that each rule a clan and bear a colour. One day, a strange video that shows a killing is shown in the town; in that video is what appears to be Shiro holding a gun and calling himself the “Colourless (mushoku) King”. Now all the clans, kings and organisations are after him, although he is in fact innocent. Shiro now must set out to solve the mystery of the video and his dark past.

The anime is known for its detailed animation and seemingly confusing storyline

The anime series (sometimes referred to as K Project) ran for 13 episodes, ending earlier today (at the time of this writing) airing in Fall 2012. The series is animated by GoHands Studios, who have in fact only animated three series prior to this series (Princess Lover, Cheburashika Arere? and Seitokai Yakuindomo) and thus are a very unknown animation production company. Yet they managed to pull off a really great series, so good work GoHands.

The series contains a couple of noteworthy voice actors including Daisuke Namikawa who voices Shiro (and also voices such characters as Akune Kouki from Medaka Box and Jin from Zetman), Daisuke Ono who voices Kuroh (and also voices such characters as Koizumi from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Yukito from Air) and a whole cast of other well known voice actors including Jun Fukuyama,  Sugita Tomokazu and Mamoru Miyano.

One of the few flaws that I can outline is the fact that the story unfolded quite slowly. Like, really slowly at first; which may be one of the few reasons why it dragged people away from it halfway through. However, to those that have enjoyed it there is good news. According to animenewsnetwork.com, there has been an announcement of a season 2 (for those interested click here to check it out), so be sure to check out for it hopefully sometime next year. Either way, if you haven’t yet seen it then I strongly recommend it. It is definitely a new and interesting one to watch and enjoy.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 3.5/5 – Recommended

Final Score: 7/10

2 thoughts on “K ~ Review

  1. madz

    i was really confuse with this anime,it seems weird to me but.. somehow i cant stop watching it and then one day i suddenly found out i was REALLY in love with this anime! i dont know how it happen it just.. did and when it ended i was crying and begging for more! when i read this post i was really happy that there will be a season 2 so.. thankyou!!!


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