Top 10 Personally Favourite Anime Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

Top 10 Personally Favourite Anime Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

You know those songs that you have on your iPod/MP3 Player that you listen to almost every day of the week, but somehow never get bored of it? We all have that one song. Well I’m about to introduce to you my personal list of anime songs that I just can’t stop listening to. As I listen to anything from anime openings, endings and OST’s, there are a lot of songs that I could have added onto the list (I actually wanted to make this a Top 20 list but figured you guys wouldn’t want to sit through a long list like that).

Just to remind people; this is my personal list and so the results may differ for different people. I’ve also added a Youtube video of the full OP/ED/OST so you can check the songs out to see why I included the song on the list. OK! Let’s get the list going! At Number 10 is…

10. Chain – Back-on (Air Gear OP)

This is just such a cool song! I don’t know why but it’s just one of those songs that makes you want to jump up and down like a crazy idiot. Especially when it jumps into the chorus; that sh*t is just awesome to listen to using a big sound system! I always listen to this song either on full blast through my headphones or through my speaker system and it is just amazing. Although the animation for the song isn’t all that amazing or unique, it definitely fits the series well. Great song.

Onto Number 9…

9. IN MY WORLD – ROOKiEZ IS PUNK’D (Ao no Exorcist OP 2)

This is another one of those KICKASS rock songs that just makes you headbang away. ROOKiEZ IS PUNK’D have released quitea few songs that have been included in anime, this one being a perfect example. Not only is the song awesome but it also fits the series very well, so that’s a big plus. I became a big fan of the band after watching Ao no Exorcist and have listened to this song and enjoyed it everytime. Great band, awesome song.

Next is Number 8…

8. Ookami no Nodo – The Birthday (Zombie-Loan OP)

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the full version of this song on Youtube so here is the TV size instead. Although the full 5 and a half minute song has been sliced down to 1 and a half minutes, the above video will just show you f*cking awesome this song and this band are. Many people dislike this song for the vocalists harsh voice, but I tell them… SCREW THAT. The vocals is what makes the song so kickass. It’s those people that don’t understand the pure beauty of punk rock/garage punk that dislike the song, while others like myself absolutely love the song. It also fits the series very well, so nice choice of song Xebec M2 Studios!

Now onto Number 7 on the list…

7. Battlecry – Nujabes (Samurai Champloo OP)

This is pure perfection in my books. This just shows the hidden wonders that is underground hip-hop. Nujabes, who unfortunately passed away quite a while ago, was a very talented hip-hop artist and lyricist who made the Samurai Champloo series such an iconic anime. He also co-wrote the ending theme, which just shows is true talents. This opening is not only a very famous anime opening but is also very loved by many fans of the series and anime fans in general. Long live Nujabes!

Alright, at Number 6 is…

6. Aoi Shiori – Galileo Galilei (AnoHana OP)

(Unfortunately there is no video for the full or TV size anywhere on Youtube so click here to watch the TV size video on

This is just such a chilling and cute song. So far, all the songs on the list have either been rock/headbang material or hip-hop. But here is a pure J-pop song that is both cute and fits the series perfectly. Like the visuals for the opening are just perfection for the mood of this series. The lead singer of Galileo Galilei has the perfect voice for the type of songs that the band write and it was a very good choice to use this track to open a very emotional and deep series (I have written a review for this series so check it out if you have time). Nice track.

We have now arrived at the Top 5! Let’s go, Number 5 is…

5. Shiki No Uta – Minmi (Samurai Champloo ED)

There is only one word to describe this song. And that word is “beautiful”. I actually think this is one of the most beautiful and chilling anime tracks that I have ever listened to. In fact, it’s probably the most chilling song I have ever listened to! The song is sung by Minmi and was written by Nujabes who I mentioned back at Number 7. This is another one of those pure underground hip-hop tracks that contains beautifully written lyrics and a funky guitar riff that will make you feel graced inside. Thank you Minmi and Nujabes for gracing me with this piece of art.

Onto to Number 4…

4. Slow Dance – Suneohair (Sukitte Iinayo. ED)

This is just a great song! That’s all I really need to say really. It fits the series really well, the voice is perfect and the mood of the song just makes you feel so warm inside. I don’t usually listen to many endings (with a few exceptions) but this is probably one of my favourite anime endings. I don’t know why I like this song so much… maybe I just like the mood of the song, but I fell in love with this song the first time I listened to it. Awesome song.

Top 3! Oh My God! At Number 3 is…

3. Esoragoto – nano.RIPE (Sankarea OP)

This is the song that made me one of the biggest nano.RIPE fans in the world. Many people dislike the band (yet again) for the voice of the main singer, but yet again I say… SCREW THAT! Yes, the lead singers voice may be high and “unique”, but that is what makes the band different and awesome at the same time. nano.RIPE have released many songs that have been included in anime (most songs in the Hanasaku Iroha series contained songs by nano.RIPE) but this song stands out to me so much more than any of their other songs. Great song!

Our runner up! At Number 2 is…

2. Hero’s Come Back!! – nobodyknows+ (Naruto Shippuden OP 1)

This is the true definite “f*cking cool”. The song and the animation that goes with it is pure awesomeness, and for me, pure nostalgia. The rapping section is just so damn cool (I even went out of my way to learn all of the lyrics, which was quite difficult) and the song in general is just one of those songs that makes you feel so awesome inside. Although the TV size is a little different from the original full version (the video above is the original full version by the way), both versions are equally awesome.

And finally, at Number 1 we have…

1. ft. – Funkist (Fairy Tail OP 3)

I hate listening to this song while I’m trying to write reviews and such… because I can’t not sing along to this song everytime it plays!! This song is by far one of the greatest anime openings that I have listened to. And when I say “greatest”, I mean just the song. There are lots of anime openings that have amazing visuals with an amazing song, so they could be included as being “the greatest” as well. But when it comes to pure catchy-ness and awesomeness of a song, this song takes the cake. And it is probably one of the most difficult songs to sing as well; I’m fluent in Japanese but even I had trouble with some bits (at first, but I can sing this song perfectly probably because I’ve listened to it literally more than a thousand times). This song is also the most played anime song that I have on my iPod. Well done Funkist! You have my utmost respect!!


Well, there we have it! My personal Top 10 anime songs that I can’t stop listening to. I could have thought up of a better and more clever title for this Top 10 list but I figured I needed to get a clear message across that this is my personal list, so this is the result. This is also the last review/poll/post of 2012! Oh my god! I’m going to go listen to ft. now, so while you’re here why don’t you favourite the list, answer the poll below and follow my site?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Personally Favourite Anime Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To

  1. kwatso46

    I think id have to go with Brand New World by D-51 (6th OP opening) as my favorite anime opening, but i do agree with some of ur placements in this list, especially the Fairy Tail Opening, so catchy.

  2. hikarinoyami1021

    I like your selection 😀 .. They’re not MY top ten, since if someone asked me what my top ten songs are I’d probably overload because I like every genre of music (the only domain I hate are Screamos, but even in that category I still have songs I like), so I’m glad someone else has them as their tops ..

    I also like how you defended nano.RIPE .. I didn’t know people disliked the lead singer’s voice O_O ..


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