Top 10 Greatest Anime Series Of 2012

Top 10 Greatest Anime Series of 2012

Well… 2012 just ended two days ago and it is now 2013 (the year that all the mayan fans thought would never come) and I’d say this is the perfect time to reflect back on all the events and good stuff that happened last year. There were many notable anime series that came out in 2012 that surprised us, inspired us, or made us make anime even more than we did before. And with that, I am here to present to you my personal list of the Top 10 greatest anime series of 2012.

I’ll just let you know right here and right now that compiling this list was extremely, extremely difficult. I had to let go of so many great series to scale it down to only 10. But in the end, I managed to get a list together that you, the reader, will hopefully agree with. If not then that’s totally fine; there’s a poll for you to answer at the bottom of this post.

So let’s get cracking! At Number 10 is…

10. Shinsekai Yori (From The New World)

I think this was both a very under-rated and very unique anime series that failed to get as much attention as it should have. The main reason could have been because the story is very, very confusing and contains much thinking and concentration to keep up with the surreal plot and setting. But let me just let you know that I recently read the novel that the anime series is based off, and IT. IS. AMAZING. A-1 Studios did a very good job replicating the world that was outlined in the novel and I believe that this is one of the most unique, interesting and under-rated series of 2012 (and possibly of all anime series that I have ever watched).

That’s saying a lot mind you; considering I’ve watched a cr*pload of anime in my time. But I really believe this deserves more attention from the online anime community (luckily there is some kind of fanbase that I have seen on some websites). But if you can read Japanese, then I highly, highly recommend the book. It’s freaking awesome.

Alright, onto Number 9…

9. Kokoro Connect

Here is another anime that I absolutely adore; probably because it is one of those simple romantic comedy/drama series that I can’t not love. But if you have seen this series, then you know fairly well that this is no ordinary love story. I won’t give it away for those that haven’t watched the series (or read the books) yet, but let’s just say that there is a bit of supernatural stuff involved.

When the series was due for release, there was a bit of anticipation throughout the  online anime community and the series was due to receive much love from viewers And you know what? It did! The series recently released the fourth arc (4 OVA’s) that received quite a few views, which shows that there were many fans waiting for the next arc to come. I haven’t read the books yet (or read the manga) but I might if I have some time.

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Next up, at Number 8 is…

8. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Again, another very unique, interesting and under-rated anime series of 2012 is this series right here. The original author of the light novel series, Tanaka Romeo (yes, that is his name) created a very original concept and almost avant-garde world that successfully became an anime series (I have also read the first volume of the light novel series and it is very unique and great). Although there were fans, I believe that this series was very clever and a lot better than most people perceived it to be.

Many people were slowly broken off due to the series use of strange concepts, execution of story and lack of clear explanation as to what was actually going on. But I believe that the author intended it to be like this as this series is somewhat absurd and satirising and makes you think about what the story was really about; in other words, the underlying message behind the story.

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Now onto Number 7…

7. Acchi Kocchi

Ah, good times… I don’t know about you, but when this series was airing weekly, I waited in anticipation for the next episode to come out every week. This was one of the series that made the Autumn 2012 season anime series awesome and worth watching. Now, if you’ve been reading my past reviews and such, then you would know very well that my favourite genre of anime is romantic comedy and slice-of-life. Well, this series is like a dream come true for me; combining my two favourite genres into one freaking hilarious series.

Surprisingly, this series actually received fairly positive feedback from the online anime community; gaining many fans and views. Although there were many negative reviews as well, this series was very clever and very funny. If you haven’t seen it yet then I highly recommend it; it will leave you in stitches.

(Click here to read my review on Acchi Kocchi)

Moving on to Number 6…

6. Accel World

Yes, here we have an high action anime here that most of you should be well familiar with. Brought to us from the now well acclaimed author Kawahara Reki is this high impact, fast paced monster. This was another series that gained a huge fanbase and quite a bit of attention from the online anime community when it first came out. I fell in love with this series from the word go, although many fans commented on the slow start of this series that broke off many viewers from the early stages of the series.

The series is most famous for its game-like setting and psychological elements that gave the viewers shocks and excitement as the story moved along. It’s use of high impact action and complex settings gave many anime fans, as well as gamers, the thumbs up. I’m sure many fans dreamed of being in the world that was presented in this anime. I know I did.

(Click here to read my review on Accel World)

Into the Top 5! Here we go, at Number 5 is…

5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Now here’s one for all you people who watched the recently aired anime series of Fall 2012. And when I say that this anime was the most popular series during the Fall 2012 season, you know I’m not making anything up, neither am I over-exaggerating. Because I truly loved this series since that first episode all the way to that last episode. Although the series is essentially a romantic comedy/drama series (as it is based off a shoujo manga serialisation) I highly enjoyed this series.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like my romantic comedy/drama. But I’ve only enjoyed a few series that are based off shoujo manga’s, and this one is probably my favourite (this and Fruits Basket but that’s another story). All in all, the overall execution and presentation of the plot and characters was well done. If you haven’t seen it then please go and watch it. Like, right now.

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Clocking in at Number 4, we have…

4. Daily Lives of High School Boys

I don’t know about you, but every time someone mentions the title of this series or I see a character or scene from this series I can’t help but smile. Because this is, hands down, one of the funniest series that I have ever watched (and that is no over exaggeration). In fact, I’m not the only one that thinks so; there is quite a large fanbase online (I’ve even seen some meme’s based off scenes from this series, which I thought was pretty awesome).

I know I’ve said this countless times, but my favourite genre of anime is slice-of-life, and this just shows how funny, clever and enjoyable that kind of genre in anime can become. If you are reading this right now and haven’t yet seen this the please go to your URL bar, go to the nearest online streaming site and watch this series right now. I’m not even kidding, you are missing out big time.

(Click here to read my review on Daily Lives of High School Boys)

We are finally at the Top 3! At Number 3 is…

3. High School DxD

If you’ve seen this series (and I’m trusting that you have), then you know how much of an impact this series was when it first came out (if you know what I mean *wink wink*). But of course, that’s not the only reason why this series is Number 3 on this list (I’m not going to deny that it isn’t a reason, because it is); the story and character development, as well as the action scenes are enjoyable and well presented and it is genuinely a very good series.

But mind you, it is a bit harsh on the younger audience so you may want to watch this series in a locked room or when you are home alone. If you don’t believe me then look up this anime on Google images and you’ll know what I mean. But if you haven’t watched it yet then I highly recommend it; it a very good series. It even scored a second season in Winter 2013 (starting about 2 weeks from now) so you know it’s good.

(Click here to read my review on High School DxD)

The runner up! At Number 2 is…

2. Sword Art Online

Oh, I’m sorry. Were you perhaps expecting this to be Number 1? Well sorry to let you down if you were thinking that, but to me this series was not “the best” of 2012. I’m not saying that it wasn’t good though; in fact, this series was absolutely superb. I thoroughly enjoyed every single episode of this series. But as with any great anime series, there were a couple of things that stopped this series from becoming Number 1. Still, it is ranked Number 2 so I’d say that’s pretty good.

If you’re a little confused about the opening of the above paragraph, it is probably because you haven’t seen this series yet. Allow me to explain: while this series was airing weekly, there wee countless threads, posts and comments in forums and streaming sites saying that this anime was “the best series of 2012” (trust me, the amount is ridiculous) and the series gained a HUGE fanbase. But I believe that this wasn’t “the best”. Nonetheless, if you haven’t yet seen this series then do it now.

(Click here to read my review on Sword Art Online)
And here we are! At Number 1… the greatest anime series of 2012 is…

1. Another

A little unexpected, wouldn’t you say? But no, I truly believe that this series deserves to be placed in the Number 1 spot because I genuinely believe that this series was the greatest and most epic series of 2012. Everything about this anime – from the plot and the characters to the animation and ridiculous plot twist at the end (no spoiler intended) – is just perfect in my eyes. And I think a lot of people will understand where I’m getting at; it sure was quite a well known series while it was airing and it created quite a large fanbase.

I recently got a hold of the original novel that the anime was based on; a large 800 page novel with one of the creepiest covers I’ve ever seen (seriously, I’m not even kidding. Look it up if you don’t believe me). And although I had already seen the anime, I still absolutely LOVED the book. I mean I basically knew what was going to happen, but the way that the author wrote the scenes and story made the plot something totally different to what was shown in the anime.

Now I’m not saying that the book was better than the anime because I think they were both equally extraordinary. But I just want to say this loud and clear: this anime series is without a doubt, the greatest anime series of 2012. To me, this made watching anime in 2012 worthwhile. And if you haven’t yet seen this, then I seriously don’t know what you’re doing reading this when you should be watching this amazing series right this instant.

(Click here to read my review on Another)


And there you have it. My Top 10 list of the greatest anime series of 2012. You might look at this list and totally agree or totally disagree. And that’s totally fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now that we have entered 2013 – a new year where we don’t what good things or bad things are going to happen in our world – we only have to sit and wait for what is going to surprise us in the anime world next. But while we’re waiting for that to happen, why don’t you leave your opinion on my list? Or perhaps answer the poll underneath here? Or not. Your choice.

1 thought on “Top 10 Greatest Anime Series Of 2012

  1. Luiz F. Mello F.

    I am no big fan of horror but it won’t cloud my judgement, i agree Another beat in the whole twist and by the end it leaves you like a few seconds with open mouth like wow. And as for SAO it was indeed an awesome series, it lacked in a few aspects like in my opinion it failed in not paying attention the whole climbing the tower, quests aside, from 100 levels they showed like 9% of what they could have, but it was a complete firstepisode-KO to even non gamers people i mean inside the game? for real? wait if game over here we die for real? like…whaaat? you can see my point since i used three “a” back in “what” huh? haha anyway SAO had twists also not as amazing like many horror stories favor in but still and it was that whole new thing, original, and i believe it increase the otaku population in a whole new scale that didn’t happen for a while, aside from the real anime lovers, most people whatched the mainstream stuff( naruto, bleach, one piece…) SAO was like the watershed event, despite those that complain: “aww i dont care what you say SAO is the best” i agree it’s awesome and as for it being a masterpiece, it hasn’t ended yet( sequels out there) i believe it’s too early to call it a masterpiece or not call it so, for we are too close to the situation(picture) to judge fairly. So for the whole waterthingy i said and it opening people’s eyes that misjudged anime and otakus to the awesomeness of it, for that i think 1st place would be in other. For now at least.


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