Gintama ~ Review

Gintama ~ Review

“Who would’ve thought that samurai’s and aliens could fit together so well!”

If you’re a true anime fan, then you truly know how awesome this series is. You would also know that it is one of those anime series that all anime fans should have watched already (or is on the verge of watching in the near future), because if you haven’t seen it yet (or even heard of this series yet) then I’ve got some bad news for you. You are missing out. BIG TIME. Let me show you why…

Gintama revolves around a fictional Edo period in which aliens called Amanto have taken over and are living among the Edo people. The Edo people initially tried to get rid of the Amanto, but failed; the Amanto placing a ban on carrying swords in public. The story revolves around three characters; Sakata Gintoki, a white-haired sweets-loving samurai, Shimura Shinpachi, a teenage samurai novice, and Kagura, a super-powerful alien girl who has lost her home. The three start a business called the Yorozuya (lit. “We Do Everything”) in which they help people do everything and anything. The series basically follows the misadventures of the three main characters as they fight threw all sorts of crazy situations and conundrums.

The series is known for its use of parody, comedy and drama twists and eccentric stories, characters and artwork

The first series of Gintama aired from early 2006 to early 2010, featuring a total of 201 episodes. There is currently a second series called Gintama’ that is still being aired today (at this time of writing). The series was animated by Studio Sunrise, that also brought us such iconic series as Code GeassCowboy Bebop and Accel World. There has also being a feature-length film called Gintama: A New Retelling Benizakura Arc that aired in early 2010, soon after the first TV series ended.

There are numerous voice actors that make an appearance in this anime, most of which becoming famous after being featured in this series. Such voice actors include Sugita Tomokazu who voices Gintoki (and is also known as the voices of Kyon from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Munakata Reishi from K), Sakaguchi Daisuke who voices Shinpachi (and is also known as the voices of Sunohara Youhei from Clannad and Jaccuzi Splot from Baccano!) and Kugimiya Rie who voices Kagura (and is also known as the voices of Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist and Happy from Fairy Tail). Other notable voice actors that make an appearance in this series include Nakai Kazuya, Suzumura Kenichi and Ishida Akida.

Although I’ve only watched the first series only, I am also keeping up to date on the manga (I’ve been a huge fan of this series ever since it first came out in Weekly Shounen Jump) and it is absolutely hilarious and brilliant. The story is very original (although many people have compared this series to SKET DANCE, this series actually came first) and the characters and stories are very clever and funny. If you haven’t seen this series yet, then I highly recommend it. You’ll get addicted to it pretty easily, let me tell you that much.


The Final Judgement: 

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 9.5/10

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