The 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time Poll – Current status update!

Well, if you’ve been keeping up to this blog, then you would be well aware of the big event that I am currently holding at the moment. As the title says, I’m talking about none other than “The 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time Poll”!

We’ve had quite a few voters (I can’t give you an exact number at the moment), but its probably not enough to get a clear list going at this current time! So, if you haven’t yet voted for this poll/event, then check out this blog post here which will fill you in on all the necessary details!

Since I first released the news about this post, I have cleared up a few things. Firstly, the results will be posted sometime in February 2013. Another thing; instead of chucking all 100 openings into one massive blog post, I will instead split it into 5 separate blog posts (so it will come in packs of 20).

So if you haven’t yet voted, then get voting! You might miss out on your favourite opening. And of course, I will have no say in this poll; this post will show what the online anime community believes to be the 100 greatest anime openings of all time (just needed to clarify that just in case).

Until then, ciao!

~ The Anime Man (owo)/

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