Top 5 Biggest Disappointments In Anime

~ Top 5 Biggest Disappointments In Anime ~

So you’re sitting in front of your computer, happily watching an anime series that looks great… and then BAM!! By the end of the series you’re sitting in front of that same computer going, “…Well, that was disappointing…”. If you’re an anime expert and ventured outside of the mainstream anime’s, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ve even experienced it first hand.

Well… that was just disappointing…

Well here is a list of the Top 5 biggest disappointments that you can come across in an anime series. Just to clear things up before I begin, this is not a list highlighting the most disappointing anime series, but rather, things that you can come across in an anime that may leave you disappointed. In other words, some (if not all) of the below criteria can fit into one or more anime series.

Well, let’s begin! At number 5 we have…

5. Overuse of A Genre

I recently found this in a series that I am currently viewing.
At first I looked at this series going, “Yes! An ecchi series! With what looks like great action too! Awesome!”. To explain, the series (from what I grasped from the synopsis and artwork) was mostly action based, with the well familiar “fan-service ecchi” elements. Which, from past series that I have watched, is an awesome combination.
That is, if it’s done right. It was a little disappointing in this case.
What we ended up with was high use of ecchi elements; so much in fact that it drew from the awesome action-packed storyline that the series is supposed to be following. Don’t get me wrong, I like my ecchi. But if all I get is ecchi – so much that it kind of makes me want to go, “hey, hold off on the ecchi just a bit and focus on the story” – then I’ll start to feel a little disappointed.
Although this element has ranked in at number 5, I am going to continue to watch this series, that I used as an example above, until the end. You never know, it might get better. But I have seen a few examples of this with genres besides ecchi. What I’m trying to say is, don’t get fooled by the synopsis and artwork. Watch, then judge.

OK! Onto number 4…

4. A Slow Start

Oh man… I know this pisses some people off… I read about it ALL the time on anime forums and comments.
This one however, is a little bit of an exception because it doesn’t disappoint the viewer because it failed to meet expectations, but rather, it disappoints people because they end up dropping a series that has a slow start but an overall awesome ending.
You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. For the first couple of episodes, nothing interesting really happens. A few more episodes, nothing much has changed. Now the dumb people (or the small-minded people, I should say) tend to drop this series at this time because “it’s not as awesome as the synopsis said it was”.
Well, I can tell you right here and now. That is complete bullocks.
There are tons of great series that have slow starts, but ended up being awesome in more ways than one.
Some examples include series like Steins;Gate (nothing happens for the first couple of episodes, but ends up being awesome), K Project (again, a slow start but an awesome ending) and even Clannad After Story (dropped by a lot of people due to it being the same as the first season, but is known as having one of the most emotional and extraordinary endings in all of anime history).
So, if you’re one of those people that dropped a series because of a slow start, then I’m disappointed in you more than I am about anime’s having slow starts.

Alright, onto number 3…

3. Disappointing Sequels

This is another one that kind of ticks me off. Although it rarely happens, when it does, it annoys me quite a bit. I mean, doesn’t it piss you off too? Let’s just say that you watch a great series that you found fun to watch or just overall awesome. And you later find out that there is going to be a sequel, or a next season, of that same anime. Naturally, you’ll get excited.
But then sometimes, that excitement ends up turning around a biting you hard in the ass.
As much as I hate to admit it, but there are a lot more series that fall under this criteria than you might think. I’m talking about series like Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. 2 (it wasn’t as funny as the first season which was absolutely hilarious, but that might be because of the change in animation studio), The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 (many people found it to be quite a disappointment compared to the highly acclaimed first season) and even the later seasons of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni were hit hard by some fans.
But of course, the majority of sequels receive good, even excellent reviews; some sequels doing better than the original series (for example Clannad After Story was seen better than Clannad. But if you askme, they were both masterpieces).

The runner up! At number 2 we have…

2. Overshadowing

Although this has ranked in at number 2, this criteria can come in many forms. For one thing, it can come at a personal level, as well as an overall level. Allow me to explain.
Firstly, at a personal level, this criteria falls under a situation where you see everyone talking about a particular series that you’ve never seen before. Everyone around you is saying how awesome, or great, this one series is. So, following the advice of your fellow anime enthusiasts, you decide to watch the series, expecting something great, or even awesome.
But in the end you say, “…Meh, it wasn’t as good as everyone said it was”. Overshadowed by opinion.
The other form of overshadowing comes from a situation in which you read the synopsis, or watch the opening/ending on Youtube, and think “Hey! This looks good from what I’ve watched/read so far! I might watch it”.
The conclusion? Overall disappointment. Overshadowed by the synopsis/opening/ending.
It happens a lot. For me, it happens with openings/endings, as well as with overall opinions brought out by the online anime community.
This one is just unavoidable I guess.

And finally! Easily the biggest disappointment that you can stumble across in an anime series is…

1. A Rushed Ending

OH GOD. I don’t even want to touch on this. That’s how much these things drive me up the wall.
Nothing can disappoint you more than a cr*p or a rushed ending (or even both!). How there have been countless amount of series that were chugging along smoothly, bringing me great entertainment, until those last few episodes where everything just collapses to sh*t.
If you’ve explored around with many different kinds of anime, like I have, then you’ll have definitely come across at least one anime with a rushed ending.
A few examples include Upotte!! (it was all cute and fine until it ended on a cliffhanger. Like… what now? That’s it??), Arcana Famiglia (again, another great series overall, but the last episode looked like the animation staff piled 4-5 episodes worth of story into 25 minutes) and one that I can never forget; Tenjou Tenge (everything from the opening to the story and execution were fantastic! But then the story just ended as if the animation studio suddenly ran out of funds to continue the series any further).
The worst part about a rushed, or a bad, ending is that the overall score of the series turns bad. The ending can even be said to be the most important part of an anime series. It is the one part that brings everything together and either makes us feel satisfied or, in this case disappointed.


Of course, I could go on and give you all the series that fit into these 5 criteria, but that would be 1. a waste of time, and 2. giving away spoilers. I think its better to go and discover series that fit into these criteria on your own. If I told you the list, then that would be overshadowing by opinion, something that I ironically just discussed above.

So there you have it. The top 5 biggest disappointments that you could come across in an anime series. And please be aware that the series that I used as an example above are by no means bad series. Only disappointing, but not bad.
There’s a big difference.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Biggest Disappointments In Anime

  1. usagixkimi

    Oh yes yes yes, I hate those kind of disappointments! I always got overshadowed by opening/ending because I love to watch anime openings and endings on youtube. It really hits me big time when anime itself isn’t that good as i thought…-_- Everytime I watch not good anime’s good opening and ending, i thought “Whyyyy, just why?! Are they trying to troll us?”

  2. Luiz F. Mello F.

    Hey anime man started watching your videos and reading your reviews out of extreme need as of the day before this comment(please patience with the long post).All those criteria also fall upon manga, and specially overused of genre and the very example you used. I believe the main problem with dissapointing sequels falls upon the time you take to go from one season to its sequel, if you do right away its like betting on horse race you might win or lose depends on how openminded and used to anime you are, if it takes too long it might disappoint because you can’t look as a sequel but you will look at it as a new series. Anime man i request your assistance: I have watched my share of anime but i trully believe of myself as a rookie at this, mainly because i hit that wall which you already know the genres you like to watch and watched all you could find to appease that hungerfor more(even those that don’t fall on your favorite genre), but i still find myself lacking so i turned towards reading manga and also read more than 500 series already on it i know its only the tip of the iceberg of the manga/anime world but i can’t seem to find that feeling of excitement on anime anymore, i keep looking for series that can give that rush and goosebums you get from masterpieces ( sometime not masterpieces but they have that something that makes you fell that chill down your spine of excitement). Please if you can reply or something if not just keep doing reviews and videos. Ja ne(じゃね). ;D

    1. theanimeman Post author

      Hi! Firstly, thanks for your long comment! haha
      About you’re anime problem, I think it’s time to step outside of the box. What I mean by that is that you should start watching series regardless of the genre. If you get confined in the genre of your taste then you’re eventually going to run out of series that interest you. Give something completely different a go, and you never know; you might end up getting that feeling of excitement you’re after! :3


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