The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: #60 – #41

~ The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: #60 – #41 ~

Anime openings… it’s only a short minute and a half long, but it gives us just that little glimpse of the big picture. The stories, the characters and the overall feel of the anime series can be presented so well (and entertainingly) in a minute and a half. Us anime watchers love those anime openings; whether it’s listening to the song, watching the animation sequence, or in most cases: both! Some anime openings are better than others in more than many ways… but which are the best of the best?

Well, here it is! The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time as chosen by you! The anime lovers, fans and fanatics of the online wonderland!
I’ve been collecting votes for about 2 months, and the feedback was extraordinary.
In a little under 2 months, we managed to collect a whopping 3473 VOTES!
That’s truly amazing! And I thank each and every one of you that voted! Thanks to you guys, I managed to create a list that truly separated the good openings from the epic openings.
Although I had absolutely no part in this list, it seems that my anime-music sense was spot on with the rest of the community; most of my favourite’s obtaining a spot in the top 100.

Well… without further ado, let’s start presenting the Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time!
I have spit the list into a number of parts (to gain a little tension effect) so for this post, here is #60 to #41 in the Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time!

#60. Eureka 7 OP 2 – “Shounen Heart” by Home Made Kazoku

(Thank god I can post Dailymotion videos: I couldn’t find this OP on Youtube)

I’m gonna come clean and say that I have not watched Eureka 7 yet (yeah I know…), but I have heard a lot about it from my friends who tell me to start watching this series, so I trust that this series is good. And so far from what I’ve heard from this OP, it really does look good and I can totally understand why this OP has slid into this position.

#59. Black Lagoon OP – “Red Fraction” by MELL

I love this series and this song! The whole vibe and sound of this track just fits the series so well it’s amazing. And not to total badass-ness of the song in its entirety matching perfectly to the epic load of badass-ness that is Revy! (She is so goddamn hot…). It was interesting that this song was sung in English, because I thought it would’ve sounded just fine in Japanese as well. I’m not complaining, but it’s a thought.

#58. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP 1 – “again” by YUI

A great OP to begin a great series (or second season, if you want to be exact). I think the one bit, that I can safely say, that had everybody loving this particular OP was the prechorus and its visuals; I mean come one… you’ve gotta admit that bit is just pure awesomeness! I guess that’s kind of given since its a song sung by none other than YUI, who we all know sings some great OP songs.

#57. Paranoia Agent OP – “Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen” by Hirasawa Susumu

I love it when I find out that I’m not the only one who loves strange OP’s, much like this one! Because you can safely say that this OP was part of the original Elite Four of Strange Anime Openings by a long shot. Here’s an interesting fact about this OP that you probably didn’t know: Paranoia Agent was aired during a late time in Japan at the time because the anime was deemed unfit for public TV. Thus the creators designed the opening to be “strange and loud” in order to “wake up viewers” before the anime began.
That’s just a genius idea to me, and with this OP coming in at #57, it shows that the idea really worked well even after the original airing.

#56. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Kai OP – “Naraku no Hana” by Shimamiya Eiko

Now this song became very famous for two main reasons. One reason was because of the great success of the first season of this epic series. And secondly is because of the song and visuals itself being very new, very fitting to the series, and most importantly, very awesome in general. The OP showed off some of Studio Deen’s most detailed animation techniques and tricks which really helped boost the entire series thereafter. Love this series and this song very much.

#55. Air Gear OP – “Chain” by Back-ON

Another awesome OP right here! In fact, this OP is in my list of my Top 10 Personally Favorite Anime Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To list, and thus for me, it rightfully deserves this place. Everything, from the visuals to the song itself, is just so perfect for this series. And I just can’t resist the swapping between a very hip-hop rap verse to a chorus that makes you want to scream along at your crappiest voice. Great Op, great series. I definitely recommend it.

#54. SHUFFLE! OP – “You” by Yuria

I am SO HAPPY that this OP got onto this list; although the series itself isn’t that well-known to mainstream-only anime viewers, this is one of the few anime’s that were based of visual novels that actually made quite a positive impact to the anime community, in that the series, story and music were very well-structured and presented. I personally love this series; this is one of the few series that I have watched more than once in its entirety because of how good it is. And this OP definitely deserves this spot on the list.

#53. Ef: A Tale of Melodies OP – “ebullient future” by ELISA

Now this OP is quite interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, the OP is slightly different every episode. Secondly, there was not only an English and Japanese version, but even an instrumental version as well (in some episodes, there was no opening at all!). And finally, IT IS GODDAMN GOOD! The visuals, the music, it’s all absolutely awesome! This just shows that when Shaft Studios want to make something serious, they do a really, really good job.

#52. Clannad ~ After Story ~ OP – “Toki wo Kizamu Uta” by Lia

Now I will say this loud and clear… I am frankly quite disappointed that this OP is #52. And that’s simply because, I believe, with all my heart, that this OP should be in at least the Top 10, if not higher. I was seriously surprised when I was collecting votes at the small number of voters voting for this OP. I think some people fail to realize that this series (both first and second season) is known for having one of the greatest OST’s in anime history. But I didn’t make this list: you guys did! So for now, we’ll have to move on. But seriously, if you didn’t like this OP there is seriously something wrong with you…

#51. Darker Than BLACK OP 1 – “HOWLING” by abigdon boys school

Everybody loves their cyberpunk anime, and this one is definitely no exception: I love this OP and this series. It’s great to see people liking and watching minor series such as this one because I believe this series, and this OP in general, is very under-rated. I was quite surprised that it got #51 though, I was honestly not expecting that. But great music with a great series goes a long way.

#50. GANTZ OP – “Super Shooter” by Rip Slyme

Sliding into the Top 50 by a thread is this badass OP right here. I’ve always been a fan of Rip Slyme and when I found out that one of their tracks was going to be used for what I saw as one of the most badass anime’s to date, I was more than excited. The visuals and the song itself just really fit this series quite well, and I’m glad that many people thought the same. I wasn’t expecting this to be #50 so it’s nice to see a change for once.

#49. BECK OP – “Hit In The USA” by The Beat Crusaders

If you’re a fan of The Beat Crusaders, then sure as hell that you love this series! Because I most certainly did! And this OP just made me feel pumped before every episode began. I was actually quite happy about the live version movie of BECK as well (although the anime will always still be better). There is just something about The Beat Crusaders that makes any OP feel so good and look so good no matter what. A great band fit for a great OP for a great series.

#48. Mirai Nikki OP 1 – “Kuusou Mesorogii” by Yousei Teikoku

I was most definitely expecting this OP to be in the Top 100. Even though it’s fairly new (about a year old from time of writing), I was definitely aware as to how much of an impact this series brought to the online anime community and anime communities all over the world. The introduction of the main heroine, Yuno, saw the world getting introduced to the concept of yandere’s and the yandere world. Yousei Teikoku also became very well acclaimed after this anime; some professional reviewers and enthusiasts even voting this anime to being “one of the all time greatest series ever”.

#47. Kanon OP – “Last Regrets” by Key & Ayana

Before I begin, don’t get confused between “Florescence” and this OP: this is the OP for the remake of the original 2002 series. In 2006, KyoAni decided to remake Kanon, which was originally animated by Toei Animation back in 2002. It seems that many people naturally found the remake by KyoAni to be a lot more pleasing, which helped Key and KyoAni in later anime’s like Air and Clannad. I personally preferred this 2006 remake in both animation wise and OP wise.

#46. Love Hina OP 1 – “Sakura Saku” by Hayashibara Megumi

To be honest, I only ever read the manga of Love Hina so this is the first time for me to listen to this OP as well. And I gotta say that it definitely fits with the entire vibe of the series quite well and I can understand why people would like this OP. But for me, I think there are better OP’s out there. That’s just my opinion.

#45. Baccano! OP – “Gun’s & Roses” by Paradise Lunch

An awesome series written by the awesome Narita Ryougo has an awesome OP with awesome music? How much better could you possibly get! Seriously though, this is a great OP. And the best thing is, it’s only an instrumental, which doesn’t often happen, but if you manage to pull it off well then it becomes something awesome like this. If you haven’t seen this then go watch it. I know you’ll want to after watching this OP.

#44. Trigun OP – “H.T.” by Imahori Tsuneo

If this doesn’t have you wanting to learn this song on guitar, or at least have you in some sort of air guitar frenzy, then you sir (or madam) have no taste in music. Because this is “the original rock anime OP”. An interesting point is that the entire OP is an instrumental, and thus relies on the guitar melody to make it sound awesome. Great work Imahori Tsuneo, you have gained a lot of respect from this great OP from a great series.

#43. Durarara!! OP 1 – “Uragiri no Yuuyake” by Theatre Brook

Oh look! Another great Narita Ryougo series! Fancy that!
I absolutely LOVE this song as well! I am so happy that there are so many anime OP’s that I personally love on this list; it’s telling me that my taste isn’t that far off from the general public’s. Although the visuals for this anime are so simple, the combination with a great song by The Theatre Brook makes this anime both fun to watch and listen to. You can say that this OP made Durarara!! famous like it is today.

#42. Nana OP 1 – “Rose” by Tsuchiya Anna

There seems to be a commonality in this #60 – #41 list: there are a lot of “rock” songs. And this song is definitely no exception. In fact, you could almost say that this anime is the shoujo-manga take on BECK and so it uses some rock OP’s that are just freaking awesome! In fact, both OP’s are very good but it seems that many people remember Nana from this first OP (which is the same for me as well, so I’m not complaining).

#41. D.N.Angel OP – “Byakuya ~True Light~” by Miyamoto Shunichi

I absolutely love this OP track. I just love that voice… Miyamoto Shunichi’s voice is just perfect for an OP like this. The intro music to this OP, I think, had a lot of people interested from the get go, and it just gets better as the song advances. The visuals are also perfect for this song too. It’s really hard to explain why this song was liked so much… I guess “it just was”. Simple as that. Either way, it managed to slide into #41, so good on you.


So there we have it! #60 – #41 in The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time! What do you think of the list so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! So sorry for taking so long to get this post up: if you haven’t yet read my last post, it explains it all there why I’ve been away for so long.
I will get the next list – #40 – #21 – up here very quickly (learning from my mistakes) so stay tuned!

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  1. norman lee

    Wow . Kanon is that good ? Man should have bought it . The reason I din’t was because they made the packaging looked so old so I thought that it was an anime that nobody wants to buy nor watch . Guess there’s goes the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover huh ?


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