Tamako Market ~ Review

Tamako Market ~ Review

“The perfect and most layed-back KyoAni comeback!”

A great slice-of-life anime here, for you to feast your eyes on… but this anime is just a little different from your average slice-of-life anime. Different concept? Nope. Different characters? No. Ah,maybe it’s a slice-of-life anime with an actual plot. Somewhat, but not entirely. The one thing that is different about this anime that it is both written and animated by one of the most prestigious animation companies Japan has offered to the world: Kyoto Animation. And that in itself, just makes this anime that much better.

Tamako Market revolves around Kitashirakawa Tamako; a lively high school girl who is the daughter of an mochi store, that is situated in the Usagiyama Shopping District. One day, a talking bird called Dera stumbles through the shopping district, in search of a bride for his country’s prince. After stumbling upon the wonders of mochi, he becomes so fat that he is unable to continue on his journey and thus becomes a freeloader at Tamako’s house. The anime follows the stories of Tamako, her friends, and the people that make the Usagiyama Shopping District as they live their everyday lives full of mischief and fun.

The anime is mostly slice-of-life mixed with comedy, famous for Kyoto Animation’s iconic character artworks and smooth animation

The anime ran for 12 episodes and aired during the Winter 2013 Anime Season (January 2013 – March 2013). The series is an original animation written by and animated by Kyoto Animation, who have been recognized as one of the greatest animation productions in modern anime, responsible for the animation for some of the most highly acclaimed series such as Clannad, Air and Lucky Star.

The anime however, does not contain many well-known voice actors, but do contain the voices of such voice actors and actresses like Suzaki Aya who voices Tamako (and was also later known as the voices of some minor characters such as Takitsubo Rikou from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S) and Yamazaki Takumi who voices Dera (and is also known as the voices of Jiromaru and Kageroumaru from InuYasha).

Although this was a very simple slice-of-life, it was nothing that a little classic KyoAni comedy and amazingly smooth animation couldn’t fix, making Tamako Market a very enjoyable and light-hearted anime to watch. Maybe a little romance could have helped the anime to have some kind of a more interesting plot, but I guess they just wanted to stick to pure slice-of-life, which I personally don’t mind at all. But if this anime was done by a different animation company besides KyoAni, this anime would have become very very different, and possibly not as good. So if you’re going to watch this, then keep that in mind.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 3/5 – Recommended

Final Score: 7/10

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