Some news and announcements!

How’s it going everyone, this is The Anime Man!

So I’m here today to give some announcements and some news.

So first with the announcement: with the end and success to The 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time poll, I thought it would be a natural thing to hold another user-poll/list. And you guessed it, it will be The 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time Poll!
So if you voted for the last one, then you know how this one works. If you didn’t then let me run the rules down for you:
– You can vote on as many endings as you deem appropriate
– However, you can only vote on one ending once and once only
– For every vote, that ending will get 1 point
– The total number of votes for each opening will determine it’s place on the list

Also, I will again have no say on which opening is better as this is a list compiled by the online anime community, and not my personal list. So you can start by commenting below which endings you would like to see in the Top 100! If not then email me at!

And secondly, here is a bit of news for you!

Firstly, this post will be the 100th post that I have written on this site! I didn’t think that I would ever write 100 posts so that is truly amazing!
Also, the last review that I wrote was my 70th anime review that I have written on this site! Pretty neat!

Anyway, that’s all! Don’t forget to start voting!
Have fun!

~ The Anime Man (030)/

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