FLCL ~ Review

FLCL ~ Review

“Proving once and for all that quality is better than quantity!!”

Now before I begin this review, I would just like to let everybody know that this is possibly one of the greatest things you will ever watch. If you’ve watched this series before then you will know exactly what I’m talking about, and I’m hoping that most of you will agree with me on this. If you’ve never watched it, then you’ve most likely heard about it. And there is a very good reason why this anime’s name is being so frequently mentioned. If not, then let me explain right here, right now…

FLCL revolves around Nandaba Naoto, a 12 year-old kid living his life in a small peaceful town, until that peace is abruptly disturbed by a mysterious girl called Haruhara Haruko, who runs Naoto over with a Vespa scooter, gives his CPR, and smashes his head with a guitar and runs off. Later, Naoto discovers that the blow to his head created an “N.O” portal from which robots are created by a company called Medical Mechanica who attack Naoto and his gang. He later discovers Haruko, who is actually a member of the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood, working as a house-maid back at his house, who asks Naoto to help her look for the Pirate King, Atomsk. Meanwhile, they’re every move is being watched by Commander Amarou, who suspects that the robots made by Medical Mechanica are out to conquer the galaxy. Naoto, unable to take sides, is stuck in the middle of a crazy three-way battle between Haruko, Commander Amarou and the Medical Mechanica robots.

The anime uses crisp and fluid animation to give us one of the most eye-dazzling animation in all of anime

The anime ran for 6 episodes during 2000 and 2001, making the anime almost 12 years old to the time of this writing. The anime is animated by Gainax Studios (who gave us such highly acclaimed series as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Medaka Box) and Production I.G. (who gave us such critically acclaimed anime series as Ghost In The Shell, Blood+ and Dead Leaves).

Amazingly, although the anime itself was critically acclaimed (and was even nominated for “Best Cast” at the 2007 American Anime Awards), there are almost no notable voice actors that make an appearance in this series. The anime, however, is known for its music, in which most of the anime’s OST’s, including all 5 opening tracks and their closing track, is written and performed by the J-rock band The Pillows.

At first, you might look at the synopsis that I gave above and go “I have no idea what this anime is about”. To be completely honest, after watching the series once, I also had no idea what the anime was about. However, after watching the anime 4 times in total, I still have no idea what the anime is about. However, that is the mystery to FLCL; you are still sucked into the anime even without knowing what the anime is about. The way that each episode runs through the plot, the character developments and the ridiculously fluid animation makes you love FLCL no matter what. Also just to note: the series is pronounced “Fooly Cooly”; there has been much confusion so I thought I’d let that out there.

Overall, this series is absolutely brilliant. And it definitely shows the importance of “quality over quantity” when it comes to anime series. Even if the anime is only 6 episodes long, it totally feels like a normal 12-13, even a 24-26 episode series based on the amount of eye-gasms that you get from watching the series. I could talk all day about how awesome this anime is, but I’ll wrap it up by saying that I believe this is one of my all time favourite anime series. So if you haven’t watched it then do it right now! You will not regret a single moment of this glorious, crazy contraption that is FLCL.


The Final Judgement: 

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Must watch

Final Score: 10/10

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