Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time: #80 ~ #61

Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time: #80 ~ #61

When we talk about anime endings, we’re talking about that 1 minute 30 seconds that closes off the awesomeness… or sometimes crappy-ness… of the episode that you just happened to watch. While you wait for the preview of the next episode, you delve yourself into the ending song and ending animation of the series that you love or hate. Much the same with anime openings, anime endings are just as important; the way that an anime ends each episode leaves a different impression on the anime until the next episode, whether that be good or bad.

But which anime endings are the best of the best?
Well, here is what the people of the online anime community has decided as being the Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time! I did a similar Top 100 list with Anime Openings (check that out if you haven’t yet!) in which we received a ton of votes. This time, we have received a total of 2371 votes! That’s not as many as we received for The Top 100 Anime Openings List, but that is still a LOT of votes; enough to make a pretty accurate list.

So here, I present to you #80 to #61 in the Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time!

#80. Durarara!! ED 2 – “Butterfly” by ON/OFF

Yet again, I couldn’t find a video on Youtube for this ending

While I thoroughly enjoyed both openings, I couldn’t get into this ending. I don’t know, maybe I just didn’t like this particular song. But I will admit that the animation for this ending is superb yet simple, and fits the song very well. I guess people like Durarara!! no matter the ending, huh.

#79. Basilisk ED 1 – “Hime Murasaki” by Mizuki Nana

I personally have yet to see Basilisk, but just by watching and listening to this ending, I’m keen to watch it right now. And I can perfectly see why this ending has been chosen to be #79 on this list. The song and the simple animation fits so beautifully together. And who can not like that beautiful singing voice by Mizuki Nana!? You have no soul if you dislike that voice.

#78. .hack//SIGN ED – “Yasashii Yoake” by See-Saw

Many have claimed .hack//SIGN to be a black diamond in anime (meaning that although the series didn’t achieve mainstream success, many acclaim it to be a masterpiece), and I think this ending shows why. I am still yet to watch this series, but since now that I have watched this ending and heard great things about the series in general, I can’t wait!

#77. Seikon no Quaser ED 1 – “Passionate Squall” by Fujimura Ayumi

Just one look at the above video, and you can pretty much figure out the main reason why this ending made it on the list… obviously because the song is amazing, right? What were you thinking, pervert? In all seriousness though, the balance between border-line “fan-service” and badass ending song makes this ending fun to listen to and watch (if you know what I mean…)

#76. Chaos;Head ED – “Super Special” by Kagami Seira

I’d just to clear something up about this ending; I’m just as confused as you as to how this ending made it to this spot on the list. Although the opening is awesome in its own right, I have no idea why this ending made it. I personally didn’t enjoy this ending, but I guess the majority of you did like it. It’s a strange world we live in…

#75. Neon Genesis Evangelion ED – “Fly Me To The Moon” by Claire Littley

To be honest, I didn’t think this ending would make it onto the list. But then again, there are lots of endings on this list that I think similar to. I guess the popularity of the opening helped this ending to secure #75 on our list. I actually quite liked listening to this ending, especially after a fells-packed or psychologically heavy episode. It was a nice and calming song that helped end the chaos.

#74. Gintama’ ED 1 –  “Samurai Heart (Some Like it Hot!!)” by SPYAIR

Gotta love this song! If you’re a Gintama fan, or even if you’re not a Gintama fan, you have every right to love this song. Why? Because it’s awesome; is there any other reason for it? I have seriously enjoyed every opening and ending from Gintama thus far so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more on this list. Who knows?

#73. Another ED – “anamnesis” by Annabel

Speaking of chaotic anime series with calming endings, we have a perfect example right here! Although the ending is very simple, if you’ve watched this splendid anime before then you’ll understand the true and rather sad meaning behind this ending. And because of that, I absolutely love it. An awesome ending for an awesome anime.

#72. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ED 1 – “Underground” by High Voltage

If there is one thing besides the opening, the amazing animation and Yoko that made TTGL famous, it is because of the endings. And right here we have an example of why TTGL endings are freaking awesome. Not only is the animation simple, but it is effective with this song. There is something about TTGL characters that make simple animations so awesome with catchy-as-f*ck ending songs.

#71. HunterXHunter (2011) ED 1 – “Just Awake” By Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

I am so so so happy that this ending made it into the Top 100! I would’ve seriously thought that people wouldn’t enjoy this type of music, but I guess I was very wrong about that! I think I became a fan of Fear, and Loathing in Las vegas after hearing this song; which is awesome for an anime like HunterXHunter on its own! Whoever doesn’t like this song, is my enemy…

#70. Trinity Blood ED – “Broken Wings” by Tane Tomoko

This is yet another slow yet beautiful song, sung in English, this time. However, this time you can’t help yourself but get lost in a trance as the beautiful lyrics sung by a beautiful voice flows out of your computer. I haven’t watched Trinity Blood, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about it. I might get this song on my iPod while I’m at it too.

#69. Black Blood Brothers ED – “Shinkirou” by LOVEHOLIC

Before we started to compile this list together, I had never heard of this series before. But after watching this ending and hearing many people’s opinions on the series, I am guaranteed that this anime is awesome. So if anybody has anything to say about this series, then leave a comment below!

#68. Air ED – “Farewell Song” by Lia

As with the opening for Air being placed rather high on the list, so too has this ending that I honestly didn’t remember until I looked for the video on Youtube. But I can kind of see why this series really hit hard for some people (and I’ll admit it, I cried like a bitch too), and that’s probably why this ending song really stuck with people. Thanks for reminding me everyone!

#67. Naruto Shippudden ED 20 – “By My Side” by Hemenway

Another ending which I’m glad to see on this list! Out of the many, many endings there are for Naruto Shippudden, this one is definitely my personal favourite. Everything; from the animation to the catchy-as-hell song makes this ending a Naruto ending to remember! Great choice guys!

#66. BECK ED 2 – “Moon on the Water” by THE Dying Breed Feat. Tanaka Koyuki

We’ve had a lot of endings that juxtapose fast-paced or high-energy openings of the same anime, and this one is another great example from another great anime series. The harsh voice with the acoustic guitars makes this ending spell rock, yet have a sensitive side, which is always nice to see. Great song!

#65. Kuroshitsuji ED 2 – “Lacrimosa” by Kalafina

I haven’t watched Kuroshitsuji before, but I have heard it is a very dark and somewhat “messed up” anime. So, I guess this dark track fits the mood of the anime perfectly. It almost reminds me of something off Elfen Lied or other dark psychological horror anime series. Either way, I like it!

#64. Kannazuki no Miko ED –  “Agony” by KOTOKO

Much like the opening, KOTOKO does a good job of creating a hella addicting song that will be stuck in one’s head for a rather long amount of time. Although the animation is simple (as most anime endings are), the song helps people to stay loving this series and ending song, and causes many to watch it over and over again. Great song.

#63. Azumanga Daioh ED – “Raspberry Heaven” by Oranges & Lemons

Unlike the crazy and addicting opening for Azumanga Daioh that Oranges & Lemons brought to viewers, they take a turn at the ending and give us a rather slow and relaxing song to end what was probably 24 minutes of obscure comedy. That still doesn’t change the fact that its still addicting to listen to.

#62. Baccano! ED – “Calling” by Oda Kaori

Another masterpiece of an anime, sitting in #62 with this rather slow yet beautiful ending. The simple animation takes a break from the high-action opening and episode and gives us time to reflect on all the characters that make this anime what it is. It’s always nice to see slow, rather touching songs on the list.

#61. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex ED 1 – “Lithium Flower” by Scott Matthew

Speaking of masterpiece anime series, we have another great example of one. GITS is known for one of the greatest anime openings of all time, but many fans also note this ending sung by Scott Matthew. The lyrics and overall feel of the song fit the series quite well, and deservingly grabs #61 on this list.


There you have it! That was #80 ~ #61 on The Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time.

Are you agreeing with the list so far! Make sure to look out for the next post, and leave a comment on what you think of the Top 100 so far!

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