Bakemonogatari ~ Review

Bakemonogatari ~ Review

“Possibly one of the most unique anime series of modern times”

Have you ever watched an anime and said to yourself, “Wow… that was by far one of the strangest but awesome series I have ever seen…”. Well, if you’re yet to say something like that then you’re in luck, because I’ve got a series that is guaranteed to make you say that line to yourself over and over again!

Bakemonogatari is the first season of the Monogatari series. Bakemonogatari revolves around Araragi Koyomi, who seems like your average human but is actually a half-vampire. One day at school, a classmate of his, Senjyougahara Hitagi, falls down the stairs unconscious. As he catches her fall, he notices that she is very light, with literally no mass. He later discovers that she is victim to an Oddity; a supernatural spirit that haunts people and causes that person to bear many different supernatural traits. Despite declining his request, Senjyougahara is introduced to Oshino Meme, a supernatural specialist who cured Araragi from his vampire problem. The story follows Araragi as he helps many different people (girls) through different problems and strange Oddities.

The anime is known for its never-seen-before animation style and storytelling

This first season contains 12 episodes (+ 3 ONA’s) and aired during Summer 2009 Anime Season (July 2009 – September 2009). The series is based off an ongoing light novel series written by Nishio Ishin (who is best known for creating the highly acclaimed manga series Medaka Box)The series is animated by Shaft Studios, who is best for its use of unique animation techniques and has created such well-known series as the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series, Arakawa Under The Bridge and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The anime is known for its wide range of well-known voice actors and actresses including Kamiya Hiroshi who voices Araragi Koyomi (and is also known as the voices of Trafalgar Law from One Piece and Levi from Attack On Titan), Katou Emiri who voices Hachikuji Mayoi (and is also known as the voices of Kagami from Lucky Star and Hideyoshi from Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu), Sawashiro Miyuki who voices Kanbaru Suruga (and is also known as the voices of Inaba Himeko from Kokoro Connect and Beelzebub from Beelzebub) and other fabulous actors and actresses including Hanazawa Kana, Horie Yui and Sakamoto Maaya and Sakurai Takahiro.

Definitely the stand-out of this series is the wonderfully strange and unique animation technique that Shaft Studios are best known for, but also the way in which the story progresses in general. The majority of the Monogatari series involves talking between two or more characters, but it is the fabulous dialogue written by Nishio Ishin that is both quirky, hilarious and very entertaining that makes this series stand out from other anime series of its genre. It’s even difficult to say that last part because its really difficult to find an anime series that can fit into the genre that the Monogatari series falls into. If you’re looking for a really unique and interesting series to watch then I highly recommend this anime and the following series of the Monogatari series, because they are all absolutely awesome and wonderful!


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 9.5/10

1 thought on “Bakemonogatari ~ Review

  1. Bryan

    I stumbled on to your youtube channel, which led me here. I’m soooo thankful I did! I took your advice and just finish Bakemonogatari and it was AMAZING!! Fantastic review. Thank you so much, Keep up the great work.


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