Hmm… well this is the About page that you see often on big sites, but I’m not too sure where to start…

Anyways, welcome to The Anime Man!
If you have found this blog, then you’re in luck! Because I have filled this site (and will continue to fill this site) with all the latest, oldest, lamest and latest anime reviews, bought to you by the self-proclaimed anime maniac, The Anime Man.

A little bit about myself: I am half Japanese, thus I have been influenced by anime from a very young age and have continued to live through my passion until this very day. Not that I want to brag or anything, but I’ve seen so much anime that I can’t identify if I have seen it or not if you just gave me the name of the series.


Enough about me, let’s get down to the FAQ’s:

Q. How often will you upload reviews?

A. I will upload at least one review per day; if you are lucky, then maybe two or three a day. That is of course, I have watched every single anime series up until the current ones. But with the enormous amount of anime out there, I doubt that it will happen anytime soon.

Q. Is there gong to be anything else besides reviews of anime series?

A. If I have time I will also do Best Of lists, Top 10 lists and other countdown kind of reviews and posts. I am also planning on starting a weekly poll and result post on certain questions and stuff. That is if I get enough traffic on this blog of course.

Q. Do you mind if I spread the word of your blog/this sit to my friends and colleagues?

A. That’s not even a question; I would absolutely love it if you could do that for me. From past experiences, I have found that it is much more affective for people other than myself to spread the site. So by all means, please spread my blog posts around.

Q. What about manga reviews?

A. There are many great series out there that have been unfortunate enough to not be scored an animated series. And so, I will most likely start to make manga reviews as well if I have adequate time.

Q. You haven’t written a review on “_____” yet! What’s going on?!

A. That would be because I have either not come around to writing a review for it yet, or it is still on my “Must Watch” list. So please don’t force me to write reviews for a particular series straight away; I will eventually write a review for it.

Q. What about anime films, visual novel, light novel, full-length novels, games and other mediums that have something to do with the particular series?

A. I am not sure if I will write separate reviews for other mediums such as these. However, if a particular series is originally from a light novel, visual novel, game, etc, then I will most likely point it out in the animated review of the series, so look out for it there.

Q. How would I get in contact with you other than commenting on reviews and other posts?

A. I have an email address – jb_zinger@hotmail.com – that you can use to contact me with. However, if it is for spam related purposes, I will report you so keep that in mind.


Even if it is your first time or your last time, I’ll always be thankful for you visit. If my reviews have helped you either watch or drop an anime series, then I know that I have done my job. Even though I may not reply to all comments, I definitely read all of them.

Keep the anime dream alive, people!


8 thoughts on “About/FAQ

  1. Tom

    You have called Clannad a masterpiece several times (and I agree 110%) but you haven’t done a review yet. Could you please do a Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~ review?

  2. Maci Stones

    so I found your youtube channel the other day and I just have to tell you this.
    I just simply adore your videos! you’re so funny and I love how we mostly have the same opinions on nearly everything. You’re just so adorable!~
    Anyways, Ive read your reviews (still reading some of em now) and just wanted to say “Keep up the great work!”
    Im looking forward to reading your future posts \(^w^)/
    Send me a reply if you can, I’d love to talk :3
    Ja ne!~

    1. theanimeman Post author

      Hey there Maci! :3
      Thank you for all the kind words; I don’t deserve any of it, but I’ll happily take them haha! (^w^)
      I’m happy that our opinions match, it’s always nice to find friends from foe when you’re on the Internet!
      I’ve got lots more reviews and videos coming soon, so let me know what you’d like to see!
      And of course we can chat; we can chat all day long! :3

      1. Maci Stones

        Really? YAY!~
        //Glomps (Hehe sorry bout that x3)
        I’m so happy to hear that! I’ll be sure to let you know if I have any requests~ (^w^)
        Actually Ive been planning on doing some vids myself (As soon as I figure out how to get out of my awkward state when im filming) Got any tips for a noob like me?

      2. theanimeman Post author

        *Glomps back 😛
        Well, it’s kinda hard to give any tips since I’m still quite the noob myself haha. But one tip that I would give is to talk about what you love, what you’re interested in, and never be afraid of criticism! If someone criticizes your video that only means they were watching your video to its full extent, and that’s something that a “noob” should be proud about!
        But like I said, I’m still a noob myself, so that’s all I can say… but if you do decide to start making videos, then I’ll happily watch them all! :3 *highfive*

  3. venkatspy

    hai! bro i saw your reviews and thus i understood how many animes did you watch.
    so i want to ask you one question i.e do you know animation???? did you ever think of writing an anime story… please give reply with in two days bro please……………………………..

    1. theanimeman Post author

      Thanks for the message!
      Surprisingly (or rather coincidentally), I’ve been writing Japanese novels for a while now and have always wanted to debut as a Japanese light novel author. So yes, I do want to write an anime story!
      Concerning animation, I did Flash for a while back in the days so I know how to animate (although I’m not the best at it) 😛


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