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Hey, how’s it goin’ everyone? This is The Anime Man!

And Merry Christmas to each and every one of you that is reading this (or isn’t reading this, I don’t know…). It’s been a pretty crazy year, but there is only a week left to go! And what a fantastic year it has been!

If you guys are subscribed to my Youtube channel (which I highly recommend you subscribe to if you already haven’t), then you would know that I am in Japan right now for work, and I have been reaaaaaallllly busy. And Christmas Day was definitely no exception.

I unfortunately have been falling behind on this current season’s anime and are thus falling behind on reviews, but I will get to that as soon as I can so hang on for just a minute longer guys!

Concerning Christmas presents, I didn’t really get much (except maybe the money that I made from the work I did… which isn’t really the most rewarding thing in the world). But for one thing, I did get a surprise present from the stats of this site, telling me that we just reached 200,000 pageviews!!
That is just freaking awesome guys, and I thank each and every one of you! This site is only just beginning to get larger and greater and I hope all of you guys join me on that fabulous journey!

Anyways, I think I blabbed on for a bit too long. To sum it all up, have a wonderful Christmas and I will see you guys again very soon!

Jyane!! :3

Final Words of 2012…

Well, currently it is approximately 4 hours from the end of 2012 and so I would like to take the time to say a last few words to end this wonderful year…

Firstly, thank you so much to every visitor of this site from the day I first began it in November. Although the site has only been open for approximately 1 and a half months, we managed to rack up over 7 and a half thousand pageviews!! (And that’s with hardly any advertising either!!) I was not expecting to see anything over 500 views by the end of the year but we have managed to surpass that number by a long shot! So thank you!

Secondly, I’d like to, just for the record, take down a list of personal achievements that I have ticked off thanks to this site:
– Created an anime review website [x]
– Written 42 full length anime reviews [x]
– Achieved over 7500 visitors [x]
– Created 4 polls [x]
– Written 2 “Top 10” lists [x]
– Achieved 11 comments [x]
This list is just so I can see how much the site has achieved when I post a similar message like this at the end of 2013. But even though it’s only been 1 and a half months, I feel like I have achieved a lot thanks to this site. And I hope that I can achieve more next year as well.

And finally, I would like to wish you all a happy new year; whether it’s already 2013 there or not when you read this, I hope that you will drop by and check out my site every now and then and enjoy the material that I put up here for you guys. As my motto states: I write reviews so that you don’t have to. Hope to see you guys next year!
Until then, stay safe and keep on anime-ing!

~ The Anime Man \(^o^)/