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Hey how’s it going everyone! This is The Anime Man!

And I’m here to give a huge announcement…

TheAnimeMan has just hit it’s first birthday! (Hooraaaaaaayyyy!)

Thanks to each and every one of you that visited my site and/or subscribed to my site and/or my Youtube channel, I was able to keep this site going for an entire year! 365 days! That’s just awesome!!

I haven’t been posting up here in a while, and I apologize for that; I have been busy with my personal stuff… BUT! I will definitely get back to writing more reviews and whatnot very soon!

So I hope you stick around until the very end, and Happy Birthday TheAnimeMan.wordpress.com!!

~ The Anime Man \(^^)

VID: 50 Subscribers!! \(^w^)/ (VLOG Ep.6)

Hey how’s it going everyone? This is The Anime Man!

Yesterday, we hit 50 subscribers!! It doesn’t seem like a lot, but to me it meansĀ a lot!

Thank you to everyone that subscribed (or is about to subscribe!)

Don’t forget to subscribe!!