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Free! ~ Review

Free! ~ Review

“A sports anime that has beautiful visuals and story (and something for the ladies)”

I’m gonna be clear with you all here – there is one genre that I always haven’t too keen with. And that is the sports genre. Don’t get me wrong though; there are some absolutely awesome sports anime series as well (*cough cough* Slam Dunk *cough*), but there also some mediocre ones. But I was pleasantly surprised with this highly looked at anime, and I just thought that I’d like to share this with you all here today. So let’s go.

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Tari Tari ~ Review

Tari Tari ~ Review

“A heart-warming slice-of-life that shows us what music can do”

Ah music… the splendid sounds that pass through our ears and makes us feel different emotions… I’m sure you are one of the many billions of people who love to listen to music. Music has this wonderful power to not only make us feel, but to also connect people together and sometimes, even change lives (fyi, music just so happens to be another one of my many passions besides anime). Well, this anime will show you just what music, and love for music, is capable to do to a group of people.

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La storia della Arcana Famiglia ~ Review

La storia della Arcana Famiglia ~ Review

“Magic, romance and the mafia! Oh my!”

Screw “The Godfather”! This is what the real mafia looks like b*tches! …OK, bit of an offensive start, sorry about that. But there’s a solid reason why I began by cutting down one of the biggest mafia movies there is. And that is because today, we are going to be reviewing an anime series that involves the mafia! And not just any mafia either; we’re talking about a magical mafia! (as odd as that sounds).

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