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Top 10 Greatest Anime Series Of 2012

Top 10 Greatest Anime Series of 2012

Well… 2012 just ended two days ago and it is now 2013 (the year that all the mayan fans thought would never come) and I’d say this is the perfect time to reflect back on all the events and good stuff that happened last year. There were many notable anime series that came out in 2012 that surprised us, inspired us, or made us make anime even more than we did before. And with that, I am here to present to you my personal list of the Top 10 greatest anime series of 2012.

I’ll just let you know right here and right now that compiling this list was extremely, extremely difficult. I had to let go of so many great series to scale it down to only 10. But in the end, I managed to get a list together that you, the reader, will hopefully agree with. If not then that’s totally fine; there’s a poll for you to answer at the bottom of this post.

So let’s get cracking! At Number 10 is…

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Daily Lives of High School Boys ~ Review

Daily Lives of High School Boys ~ Review

“One word… hilarious!”

I would like to formally start this review by saying this. This series is, in my many years of watching anime, one of the funniest anime’s I have ever seen. I mean really, I seriously don’t think I have ever laughed watching a single series more than I did watching Daily Lives of High School Boys. I could rant on about all the funny scenes in this series, but let’s begin from the top.

Daily Lives of High School Boys (actual title being Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou) is a slice-of-life anime revolving around, as the title suggests, the daily lives of high school boys. The story mainly focuses on the lives of the three boys shown above, from left to right, Hidenori, Tadakuni and Yoshitake, and the many, many hppenings that happen around their ordinary lives.

A quick glimpse of most of the main characters that appear in Daily Lives of High School Boys

Since its airing in early 2012, it has gained much credit on the Internet; many fans quoting the series as one of the funniest anime series ever made. Although there is absolutely no plot, and the entire series is essentially made up of short stories (spanning from 1 to 5 minutes on average), what I believe is the secret to its success is the fact that all the jokes and the happenings that occur within the anime can be very easily related to in the lives of the viewers. There are many anime series out there that use absurdist elements to create humour and comedy. However, Daily Lives of High School Boys rely solely on realistic situations that make this anime ordinary yet extraordinarily hilarious at the same time.

Some of the many notable scenes

Another reason to its success is the outstanding work done by the voice actors, as well as the selection of voice actors themselves. Notable voice actors include Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Sket Dance), Kenichi Suzumura (Gintama, Ouran High School Host Club and D.Gray-man), Daisuke Namikawa (GANTZ, Zetman and K) and Yoko Hikasa (K-ON!, Infinite Stratos and Highschool DxD) are some of the many voice actors who show off their great talent in this series. I do believe that without them, it would be a very different anime indeed.

Daily Lives of High School Boys is a very funny, very clever comedy slice-of-life anime that will be sure to leave you in stitches at the end of every episode.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 10/10