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Aku no Hana ~ Review

Aku no Hana ~ Review

“Possibly one of the greatest psychological horror anime’s ever made!”

Now, if you don’t know what psychological horror is (by any chance), then it basically revolves around people’s feelings, thoughts and all sorts of messed up parts that have to do with the head. In other words, it all about people going crazy or otherwise. But have you ever watched an anime that gets so screwed up without showing a drop of blood? Well, you might be able to see the first of its kind right here.

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The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: #10 – #1

~ The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: #10 – #1 ~

Anime openings… it’s only a short minute and a half long, but it gives us just that little glimpse of the big picture. The stories, the characters and the overall feel of the anime series can be presented so well (and entertainingly) in a minute and a half. Us anime watchers love those anime openings; whether it’s listening to the song, watching the animation sequence, or in most cases: both! Some anime openings are better than others in more than many ways… but which are the best of the best?

Well, here it is! The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time as chosen by you! The anime lovers, fans and fanatics of the online wonderland!
I’ve been collecting votes for about 2 months, and the feedback was extraordinary.
In a little under 2 months, we managed to collect a whopping 3473 VOTES!
That’s truly amazing! And I thank each and every one of you that voted! Thanks to you guys, I managed to create a list that truly separated the good openings from the epic openings.
Although I had absolutely no part in this list, it seems that my anime-music sense was spot on with the rest of the community; most of my favourite’s obtaining a spot in the top 100.

Well… without further ado, let’s start presenting the Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time!
I have spit the list into a number of parts (to gain a little tension effect) so for this post, here is #10 to #1 in the Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time!

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The 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time Poll – Current status update!

Well, if you’ve been keeping up to this blog, then you would be well aware of the big event that I am currently holding at the moment. As the title says, I’m talking about none other than “The 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time Poll”!

We’ve had quite a few voters (I can’t give you an exact number at the moment), but its probably not enough to get a clear list going at this current time! So, if you haven’t yet voted for this poll/event, then check out this blog post here which will fill you in on all the necessary details!

Since I first released the news about this post, I have cleared up a few things. Firstly, the results will be posted sometime in February 2013. Another thing; instead of chucking all 100 openings into one massive blog post, I will instead split it into 5 separate blog posts (so it will come in packs of 20).

So if you haven’t yet voted, then get voting! You might miss out on your favourite opening. And of course, I will have no say in this poll; this post will show what the online anime community believes to be the 100 greatest anime openings of all time (just needed to clarify that just in case).

Until then, ciao!

~ The Anime Man (owo)/

Angel Beats! ~ Review

Angel Beats! ~ Review

“This is a true masterpiece that will never be erased from my mind!!”

As this right here will become my 50th review here on TheAnimeMan (woop woop), I have decided to finally review one of my all-time favourite anime series. This series is truly “a masterpiece”; that’s really the only way that I can describe this anime to you without having to write a massive 700 word review for you (like I am right now, ironically enough). If you love your anime, you sure as hell know this series. If you don’t know it, then you sure as hell need to know this series.

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“Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time” Poll, Begins Now!

I have been away for about a week since my last review, and have thus decided to open this official poll!

I present to you…

The “Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time” Poll!!

Now I require absolute cooperation with this as this is a poll decided by the viewers (as well as myself).
This will work like this: if you like any anime songs – whether yo find the song catchy, you like the visuals or any of the above –  from any series, then it counts as 1 point. This is the base of how this poll will work.
It doesn’t have to be your absolute favourite; any anime opening that you think deserves a vote is counted in the poll.
At the end, the points will be calculated and presented on this site! Simple as that!

How to vote:

– Via deviantArt.com forum: look under “Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time”” in the forums
– Via email: jb_zinger@hotmail.com
– Via my Youtube account: My username is DaPinkFloydian
– By leaving a comment under this post (and only this post; other comments will be ignored)

I have not decided when this poll will end, but hopefully I will be able to pick up enough votes!
Until then, I will go back to writing my anime reviews again!


~ The Anime Man :3