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The Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time: #100 ~ #81

Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time: #100 ~ #81

When we talk about anime endings, we’re talking about that 1 minute 30 seconds that closes off the awesomeness… or sometimes crappy-ness… of the episode that you just happened to watch. While you wait for the preview of the next episode, you delve yourself into the ending song and ending animation of the series that you love or hate. Much the same with anime openings, anime endings are just as important; the way that an anime ends each episode leaves a different impression on the anime until the next episode, whether that be good or bad.

But which anime endings are the best of the best?
Well, here is what the people of the online anime community has decided as being the Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time! I did a similar Top 100 list with Anime Openings (check that out if you haven’t yet!) in which we received a ton of votes. This time, we have received a total of 2371 votes! That’s not as many as we received for The Top 100 Anime Openings List, but that is still a LOT of votes; enough to make a pretty accurate list.

So here, I present to you #100 to #81 in the Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time!

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The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: The Runner-ups

~ The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: The Runner-ups ~

Anime openings… it’s only a short minute and a half long, but it gives us just that little glimpse of the big picture. The stories, the characters and the overall feel of the anime series can be presented so well (and entertainingly) in a minute and a half. Us anime watchers love those anime openings; whether it’s listening to the song, watching the animation sequence, or in most cases: both! Some anime openings are better than others in more than many ways… but which are the best of the best?

Well, here it is! The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time as chosen by you! The anime lovers, fans and fanatics of the online wonderland!
I’ve been collecting votes for about 2 months, and the feedback was extraordinary.
In a little under 2 months, we managed to collect a whopping 3473 VOTES!
That’s truly amazing! And I thank each and every one of you that voted! Thanks to you guys, I managed to create a list that truly separated the good openings from the epic openings.
Although I had absolutely no part in this list, it seems that my anime-music sense was spot on with the rest of the community; most of my favourite’s obtaining a spot in the top 100.

But there were hundreds of great OP’s that we all know and love that happened to miss out on the Top 100 by that much! So, I thought it would be right to list the OP’s that runner-uped on The Top 100 list, just because we can!
So here it is, #101 – #200 in a full list view! Try and see if you’re favourite OP was close to making the Top 100!

So close…!

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High School DxD ~ Review

Highschool DxD ~ Review

“A sexy, action packed battle with devils and plenty of fan service for the males!”

I would just like to start this review by saying how hard it was to find an image suitable to open this review up, as it is not easy to find a picture that is High School DxD related and doesn’t look like porn. Yes, you heard me. If you have time after reading this review, then type in “High School DxD anime” in a search engine and check out the image results. Men, you will not be left unsatisfied.

High School DxD revolves around school boy Issei Hyodo, who loves one thing more than anybody else in the world; women. He spends his peaceful lives chasing girls around until one day he is invited on a date by a girl called Yuma Amano. At the end of the date, Issei is shocked when Yuma asks him if “he can die for her”. Yuma turns out to be a Fallen Angel, who attacks and kills Issei. Issei then finds himself back in his room, thinking that it was all a dream, but instead finds a third-year upperclassman called Rias Gremory (pictured above, second from the left) naked in his room. Rias explains that she has brought Issei back from the dead as an underling devil to her Gremory Devil Family.

The main characters  (from left to right: Koneko, Yuto, Rias, Asia, Issei and Akeno)

Although there is a proper plot and some level of character development as the story progresses, it is fairly evident after viewing a first couple of episodes that the series is influenced mainly in the ecchi, harem and romantic comedy genres, while also blending in action, supernatural and fantasy into the mix. The anime is done by Studio TNK, who have specialised in the romantic comedy and harem genres in almost all of their works (examples include Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka, School Days and Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~). There is also an announcement for a second season in early January 2013.

Notable voice actors include Yoko Hikasa who plays the voice of Rias (most notably playing such characters as Mio in K-ON!, Seraphim in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? and Literature Girl in Daily Lives of High School Boys) as well as Yuki Kaji who plays the voice of Issei (most notably playing such characters as Shu in Guilty Crown, Haruyuki in Accel World and Satoru in Shinsekai Yori).

If you love your harems and your ecchi series, then I definitely recommend this series to you. It is both enjoyable to watch and exciting to see what happens next. As one of my good friends put this anime, “make sure you have your doors locked when watching this, if you know what I mean”.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4.5/5 – Strongly Recommended

Final Score: 8.5/10