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Binbougami Ga! ~ Review

Binbougami Ga! ~ Review

“A hilarious tale that shows us the difference between real happiness and what you think is happiness”

This is another one of those anime series that looked good since it’s pictures and information were first released onto the Internet, and when I started watching the first episode, I knew straight away that this was a good choice.

Binbougami Ga! revolves around a schoolgirl called Ichiko Sakura (pictured above left) who lives in a very lucky environment; she is smart, cute and rich. Then one day, a strange girl with a bandage on her arm comes to Ichiko; her name is Momiji and she is a binbougami, or “the God of misfortune”. She tells Sakura that she has an extraordinary amount of Fortune energy that she has unconsciously been sucking up from other people, making her lucky and everybody else around her unfortunate. Momiji plans to steal some of this Fortune energy and share it with other people in order to rebalance the world. However, Ichiko is not planning to make Momiji’s job so easy.

The series is most notable for its use of parody on other manga; a perfect example is in this scene, the artwork being a clear reference to the series “Fist of The North Star”

Like the image above, the series uses many references and parodies many different anime series; some of which are very obvious, while some are very discrete. Thus, this series is perfect for those that get many of these references, and it will definitely make the series a hell of a lot more funnier than it already is. The most notable voice actor/actress in this series has got to be Kana Hanazawa who plays the role of Ichiko (most notable characters include Mato from Black★Rock Shooter, Mikan from To LOVE-ru and Kanade from Angel Beats!) who does an excellent job along with the other voice actors to create one hell of a funny show.

Binbougami Ga! is a hilarious show that contains many serious scenes and also teaches us the importance of what we perceive as happiness. However, this show will never cease to make you laugh as you progress in through the story. Like I said before, the more anime that you have seen prior to this series, the funnier the jokes and this entire series gets.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4/5 – Strongly Recommended

Final Score: 7.5/10