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Little Busters! ~ Review

Little Busters! ~ Review

“The ultimate anime of finding friendships that last for a lifetime!!”

Ahh yes… the wonders that is Key Studios; bringing to us some of the most well-made and fantastic little series that will give you an emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime. While there are many underlying themes that sit inside a Key Studio work, one genre that sticks out a lot is the idea of “friendship”. And this series is the ultimate in the idea of friendships!

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My Thoughts On: Fall 2012 Season Anime

My Thoughts On: Fall 2012 Season Anime

Well, this is the first post of a new genre of review that I am starting called “My Thought On”. As the title will plainly suggest, these reviews will outline my thoughts on a particular subject related to anime. These are 100% my views and opinions on the subject matter so if you agree or disagree is totally up to you. So please, try to contain your rage about my opinions if you happen to disagree with them.

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Air ~ Review

Air ~ Review

“A wonderful tale of love, mystery and what it means to be free”

Every time someone mentions the words “beautiful anime series”, this is one of the first series I come up with. Although it contains one of the confusing endings in all of anime history (which we will get to later in the review), this has to be one of the most wonderful and magical anime series you will watch.

Air revolves around a man called Yukito, ho is in search of “the girl in the sky”. He stays in the town and makes his living by using a mysterious doll for entertainment. Then one day, he is found by a girl called Misuzu who is intrigued by Yukito in first site and wan to become friends with him. He tells Misuzu about “the girl in the sky” and Misuzu responds by saying that her other half is flying somewhere in the sky. After some persuasion, Yukito decides to stay at Misuzu’s house. Then Misuzu falls ill; knowing that a legend has begun to unfold concerning “the girl in the sky”. Yukito learns later that the “girl in the sky” that he has been searching for is in fact Misuzu and is willing to do anything to save her life.

There are many themes in the story such as love, sacrifice, dreams and family; the most emphasized being air, wings and the sky

Now, although I have layed out the synopsis for you, it is in fact only some part of the story (more correctly, the first half). The entire story of Air is in fact split into three separate arcs; each arc witches between places and even time settings and thus may be quite difficult to follow. The most confusing of all of these arcs is the final arc, where the story is told from a crow’s point of view; many fans have tried to uncover why this is so, and these questions are still left unanswered 12 years after the release of the visual novel, thus making Air one of the most confusing plots and storylines in all of anime (and most likely, in all of visual novel history as well). However, while the plot may be confusing, it is still one of the most fascinating series and will never make you feel like you would want to throw out the series halfway through.

The intimate story that is Air is best known as being created by Key (a visual novel company that created such iconic series as Kanon, Clannad and Little Busters!), the main script writer and story writer being Jun Maeda, who is known most famously as the head musician and producer of Key Sound Label; creating some of the most iconic and brilliant pieces of original soundtracks in all works by Key (he is also famous for being the author of Angel Beats!).

Air is known by many fans of the series – as well as many anime viewers out there – to be one of the many series by Key that helped establish anime and make many people appreciate anime in general; the rich story and messages that are presented through this anime is strong that it is still a mystery as to what the full message may be to us all. Although it may not be Key’s best work, it is definitely a series that aided in the rise and fame of Key Studio’s, and anime later on.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 9/10