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Chaos;Head ~ Review

Chaos;Head ~ Review

“A crazy psychological thriller that will mess up your mind completely!

You may or may not have heard about this series before, but if you have then you will know quite well that it is just… awesome. It`s fame rose with the release of the well-acclaimed series Steins;Gate, written by 5pb. and Nitroplus. Although there is no exact connection between the two series (both series having totally different characters and plot), many fans believe that Steins;Gate is the sequel to Chaos;Head. Anyway, let`s get on with the review, shall we?

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Steins;Gate ~ Review

Steins;Gate ~ Review

“Prepare yourself for a massive mindblow, because it’s going to get messy!

At the time of this review, I have only just finished watching this series, so it is still nice and fresh in my mind. I have to say… I don’t think that I can ever forgive myself for not watching this series sooner. Because this is up there in my list of the best of the best. And I’m about to show you why.

Steins;Gate revolves around a self-proclaimed mad scientist called Okabe Rintaro, who plays out his life as Hououin Kyouma, a mad scientist that is trying to “cleanse the world”. One day, at a science convention in Akihabara, he witnesses the death of the “young genius” scientist Makise Kurisu and sends a message to his friend to tell his about the news. However, Okabe instead experiences a strange faze, and realises that he has created a machine that can send text message back in time. Okabe and his team at “the lab” then try to uncover the mysteries of SERN, a international science organization and discover a truth that SERN never wanted to know. Now, Okabe must jump through time to take himself back to the reality that started it all.

The cast of the main characters in the series; although a small number, each character plays a very important role within the story

The first couple of episodes, I found, were very very confusing. So confusing in fact that it almost made no sense at all. The amazing thing that I found with Steins;Gate is that although the story begins very confusing, by the end of the story, everything connects and makes a lot of sense. The execution was seen as a very vital role that made this anime successful; although created by a not very well known animation company, Studio White Fox (who later went to animate the Jormungand series) did very good job on this series.

Steins;Gate was created and written by gaming company 5pb. and visual novel company Nitroplus, who also wrote Chaos;Head and later, Robotic;Notes; some fans believing Steins;Gate is a sequel to Chaos;Head although there is no obvious connection between the two stories. Either way, Steins;Gate is up till today seen by many as one of the greatest anime’s ever created. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, I do believe that this anime is ranked very high in my books, as it is both interesting, funny and mysterious all at once. So until next time, my friends…

“El. Psy. Congroo.”


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 10/10