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The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: #60 – #41

~ The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time: #60 – #41 ~

Anime openings… it’s only a short minute and a half long, but it gives us just that little glimpse of the big picture. The stories, the characters and the overall feel of the anime series can be presented so well (and entertainingly) in a minute and a half. Us anime watchers love those anime openings; whether it’s listening to the song, watching the animation sequence, or in most cases: both! Some anime openings are better than others in more than many ways… but which are the best of the best?

Well, here it is! The Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings Of All Time as chosen by you! The anime lovers, fans and fanatics of the online wonderland!
I’ve been collecting votes for about 2 months, and the feedback was extraordinary.
In a little under 2 months, we managed to collect a whopping 3473 VOTES!
That’s truly amazing! And I thank each and every one of you that voted! Thanks to you guys, I managed to create a list that truly separated the good openings from the epic openings.
Although I had absolutely no part in this list, it seems that my anime-music sense was spot on with the rest of the community; most of my favourite’s obtaining a spot in the top 100.

Well… without further ado, let’s start presenting the Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time!
I have spit the list into a number of parts (to gain a little tension effect) so for this post, here is #60 to #41 in the Top 100 Greatest Anime Openings of All Time!

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Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? ~ Review

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? ~ Review

“I’m a zombie… and I also happen to be a magical girl as well…”

In one glance, this may seem like another fantasy/magical girl anime, but if you pay attention to what I am about to say, you will soon find out that this is a very different, and quite a unique anime that will leave you very satisfied (and from personal experiences, a sore stomach).

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? revolves around Aikawa Ayumu, who is oddly enough, a zombie who as been resurrected by the necromancer that is Eucliwood Hellscythe after being kiled by an unknown serial killer. As Ayumu starts to live in his undead state, he meets a Masou-Shoujo (lit. Magical Garment Girl, a pun on “Mahou-Shoujo”) named Haruna and forcefully turns into a Masou-Shoujo himself. With many other creatures (such as vampires, magicians and Msou-Shoujo’s) Ayumu joins forces with Eucliwood and Haruna to fight evil creatures called Megalos as he tries to find the reason to his death and the serial killer that ended his life.

The absurdist genre can also be fit very neatly into this series due to its violent romantic comedy and ecci scenes.

This series is another one of those that has been derived from a light novel series, published by Fujimi Shoubo; the publishers of Monthly Dragon Age (that brought such notable series as High School Of The Dead, GoSick and Desetsu No Yuusha No Densetsu). The anime is done by Studio Deen; most famous for the animation of the Higurashi series, that definitely packed a punch for all anime fans out there (also did such notable “layed back” series as Fruits Basket, Seitokai No Ichizon and Rurouni Kenshin).

There are also many notable voice actors that show off their talents in this series; the most notable being Junji Majima (famous for the voices of Ryuji from ToraDora! and Kinji from Hidan No Aria), Yoko Hikasa (famous for the voices of Mio from K-ON! and Rias from High School DxD) and Iori Nomizu (famous for the voices of Nymph from Sora No Otoshimono and Rinko from Omamori Himari) – Iori Nomizu is also known as the singer of the opening song of the series.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? is full of hilarity, cute and awesome; combining the very best of mahou-shoujo, zombies and vampires into a crazy symphony that is this series. Combine this with humorous absurdist elements and a little bit of fan-service, and you have created the basis of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?. Furthermore, there is also a second season as well! But we’ll leave that to another time. Until then, get your cross-dressing fetishes revved up and watch this madness right now.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 9/10

Sankarea ~ Review

Sankarea ~ Review

“Zombies have never been cuter and more enjoyable to look after”

“Oh great… another zombie anime!” Yeah… well… shush. Actually, yes I may say that this is a zombie anime, but that s merely the outside cover of it. And you know what they say: never judge a (anime) by its cover!

Sankarea revolves around Chihiro Furuya; a high school kid with a strange fetish: zombie girls. He has loved watching zombie films since he was little and has always wanted a girlfriend who is a zombie. Following the death of his pet cat Babu, he attempts to revive him using a strange book that he found at the temple he live in. Working alone in an abandoned building one day, he meets Rea Sanka (pictured above), who has escaped from her house where she is constantly repressed by her overprotective father. She attempts to then commit suicide by drinking the “revival potion” that Chihiro has made, in the end failing to kill herself. Then one day, Chihiro witnesses Rea moping with his father at the top of a cliff; in a sudden turn of events, Rea falls to her death. But she is not dead, rather she comes back to life as zombie and it is Chihiro’s responsibility to look after her new “zombie girl”.

The anime can almost not be classified as a zombie series; rather, a romantic comedy involving a zombie heroine

Hearing that this series was another zombie series, I was turned onto it straight away (I’m a fan of zombie series for some reason), but I soon learnt that this series was quite different; almost not a zombie series as all. However, this was more or so a pleasant surprise as the series shifted into a ore romantic comedy series. The story is very unique compared to other romantic comedies as you don’t often see zombie in romantic comedies (if you know one other than Sankarea, comment below. I will be very interested if there is one), thus this series ranks highly on the originality scaling.

With the animated series spanning only 12 episodes (and 2 OVA’s to this current date), many fans speculate as to whether there is going to be a second season or whether we are left with an inconclusive ending. Many believe there will be a season two soon, but we can only sit and hope. Nevertheless, Studio Deen did a very good job on the overall execution of the series (in case you are wondering, Studio Deen has done such notable series as Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Seitokai No Ichizon and Hell Girl).

All in all, Sankarea is a very unique, interesting and feel good zombie anime that will make you wish you had a zombie girlfriend like this.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4/5 – Strongly Recommended

Final Score: 8/10