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Gintama ~ Review

Gintama ~ Review

“Who would’ve thought that samurai’s and aliens could fit together so well!”

If you’re a true anime fan, then you truly know how awesome this series is. You would also know that it is one of those anime series that all anime fansĀ shouldĀ have watched already (or is on the verge of watching in the near future), because if you haven’t seen it yet (or even heard of this series yet) then I’ve got some bad news for you. You are missing out. BIG TIME. Let me show you why…

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Natsuiro Kiseki ~ Review

Natsuiro Kiseki ~ Review

“A feel good series that shows us the importance of friendship and dreams”

I watch all kinds of anime; from the well-known “mainstream” anime series to the more lesser known “underground” ones. I watch everything from horror to ecchi, but the one genre that I have learnt to love the most is slice-of-life. I have already written quite a few reviews on slice-of-life series and here is another one that many anime watchers looked down on.

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Accel World ~ Review

Accel World ~ Review

“Accelerate into an exciting new world that is The Accel World!”

This is an anime that I was quite interested about when it first came out. The first thing that appealed to me was the overall concept of the series; if you’re into your games like I am, then you will very much enjoy the plot and this series in general.

Accel World is set in the year 2046, where neuro-synchronisation technology has evolved rapidly with the wide use of a device called the neuro-linker; it is placed around the neck where it uses your neurological system as a computer so that everything you see and touch is much like a computer. The story revolves around a high school kid called Haruyuki Arita who is bullied at school often for his short, fat physique. His only escape from reality is to enter the school’s virtual network where he boasts some of the fastest speeds ever recorded. One day, his fast speed attracts the attention of Kuroyukihime (pictured above) who invites Haruyuki into a new world called Brain Burst; a virtual world/game where players -called Burst Linkers – fight each other for points. These points then can be used in real life to accelerate a user for a few seconds. Kuroyukihme, who is level 9, wants Haruyuki to reach level 10 and complete the game. However, as Haruyuki starts to feel closer to belonging, many threats appear in front of him that he must stop.

The anime is mostly fit under the action genre, but are also included in the genres of romantic comedy, drama and even cyberpunk

Originally, Accel World was a light novel series written by now world famous Reki Kawahara (known most famously as the creator of Sword Art Online) where it gained popularity and was made into a 24 episode anime series animated by Sunrise Studios (most famously animated the Code Geass series). From the success of the television anime series, two video games under the name of Accel World have also been released (one is still yet to be released in January 2013).

As many elements within the story of Accel World are similar to that of Sword Art Online, many fans have speculated whether Accel World is a continuation/sequel of Sword Art Online, i.e. the two series are somehow connected (it may also be because the both series are set in a virtual world and that they are both written by the same author). However, there are no hard pieces of evidence that support this theory at the current time.

Accel World is what you could say “a gamers dream turned into an anime”, and it will definitely attract those that have been game influenced. Personally, I dig anime and games, so this anime is almost a match made in heaven. However, I believe that any viewer will enjoy this until the end regardless.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4.5/5 – Strongly Recommended

Final Score: 8.5/10