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Ergo Proxy ~ Review

Ergo proxy ~ Review

“An amazingly complex tale of what it means to be human”

One genre that I truly love (and that I believe is highly under-rated) is the cyberpunk genre. Cyberpunk not only introduces us to some of the most badass characters that have ever been conceded, but it also gives us many wonderfully put together stories that are just waiting to be dug up by the mainstream. And this series right here is one of the many black diamonds that is hidden in the cyberpunk genre.

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Mirai Nikki ~ Review

Mirai Nikki ~ Review

“An epic survival horror anime that will be sure to blow a mind or two!”

I had a very difficult time trying to come up with the sub-title to this review, since I don’t believe that you can sum up this review, and this series in fact, in one sentence. And so, although the sub-title has ended up as such, there is so much more to this anime than it being a simple survival horror anime.

Mirai Nikki revolves around a teenager called Amano Yukiteru (pictured above right) who is terrible in people skills; everyday after school, he writes a diary on his phone and talks to imaginary friends; one of them being Dues Ex Machina, the self-proclaimed god of space and time. One day, Yukiteru realises that his phone is full of diary entries spanning up to 90 days into the future. Finding at as a joke, he later discovers that everything that happens in the diary becomes true. The diary that shows the future is part of a game that Deus Ex Machina has organized with Yukiteru; a battle royale against 12 other participants to decide the next god of space and time. Although Yukiteru has no intention to fight, one day he gets attacked by one of the participants but is saved by a girl. His classmate, Gasai Yuno (pictured above left) who is also a participant and is madly in love with Yukiteru. After killing the attacker, Yuno says that she will protect Yukiteru until the very end. But something about Yuno is tripping up Yukiteru, and things are only just starting to become chaotic.

The main heroine, Yuno, is known by many anime fans as “the greatest yandare character in the history of anime”

The inclusion of Yuno was later seen to be responsible for the concept of “yandere” to spread in English speaking countries. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, allow me to explain. Yandere is an anime/manga term that describes a character who is loving towards a character but will become violent if something threatens the character and the character that they are in love with. It was created from the words “yanderu” (lit. sick, in this case meaning a mental sickness or illness) and “deredere” (showing love and affection). Although there were many yandere characters prior to Mirai Nikki (e.g. such anime series as School Days, Hetalia and Code Geass), Yuno is considered to be an extreme version of a yandere character as she will kill anybody that threatens Yukiteru in the slightest, hence making the concept of yandere well-known in the anime community (the success of the series is also seen responsible for the spread of the term).

However, Yuno is not considered to be the only element that resulted in the success of Mirai Nikki; the very confusing storyline and the huge twist at the end, as well as the excellent presentation of animation and action scenes was also definitely responsible for the success of the series. Like many psychological thriller/suspense anime series, Mirai Nikki was later turned into an 11-episode live action drama in mid-2012, although the series received terrible reviews and was even quoted as “ruining the anime and manga”. So I wouldn’t watch it if I were you.

All in all, Mirai Nikki is an excellent blend of survival horror, psychological suspense and action, mixed with romantic elements and a well-structured storyline that will surely leave you on the edge of your seat every episode. Just try not to anger Yuno, otherwise she will, most definitely, come and slaughter you in ways you cannot imagine…


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 5/5 – Highly Recommended

Final Score: 9/10