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Hey how’s it goin’ everyone! This is The Anime Man!

I’ve been getting a lot of queries recently about my lack of posting in recent months… and I apologize for that! I’ve been quite busy with things in my personal life and hadn’t had much time to write reviews.

BUT! Now that I have cleared up a lot of stuff, I have decided to go back to doing reviews on a fortnightly basis. In other words, 1 new anime review every 2 days!

And don’t worry; I have A LOT of anime that I am still yet to review, so look out for those!

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube and to follow me on FaceBook and Twitter! You can get all the updates on reviews and videos through there (unless you frequently visit this site, which is also good).

Thanks for all the support guys, and I hope to keep receiving your support for many more months to come!


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~ The Anime Man \(>w<)

VID: Let’s Play Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient (Part 1)

Hey how’s it going everyone! This is The Anime Man!

So I’ve decided to start doing Let’s Play videos of my favourite anime-oriented games and visual novels!
And the first-ever Let’s Play is the new Corpse Party game; Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient!

Check the video below for Part 1! Part 2 will be coming shortly!

Let me know what you guys think!

And don’t forget to subscribe!

~ The Anime Man \(><)/

HOLY SH*T! (Update)

Hey how’s it going everyone! This is The Anime Man.

So for those who don’t know, then I’m gonna spell it out for y’all…
Yesterday, this website hit a grand total of 100,000 pageviews.


That was a number that I was definitely not expecting to see when I started this website!
But thanks to all of you guys, we finally did it! YAAAAYYYY!!!

So! To celebrate 100,000 pageviews, I’ve gone and done quite a few things!

Firstly, after hearing most people’s voices on the monthly poll (which is to your right if you are viewing this blog from my website), I have gone and made a Facebook and Twitter page for theanimeman.com!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAn1meMan
Twitter: @TheAn1meMan

If you have a Twitter and/or Facebook account then give me a like/follow and I will see you on the other side!

Also, another update: “The Top 100 Greatest Anime Endings of All Time” Poll is almost coming to a close. We’ve received a little over 2000 votes, which is not as many as we received for the Top 100 Greatest Openings poll, but is still a substantial amount! If you haven’t voted on that yet then make sure to do that!

And again, if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube account yet, then make sure to do that too: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAn1meMan 

I’ll see you soon guys!

~ The Anime Man \\(>u<)//