To LOVE-ru ~ Review

To LOVE-ru ~ Review

“An exciting romantic comedy with a fantastical, erotic twist”

To-Love-Ru - Anime

If you’ve never heard of To LOVE-ru before, then the above picture will sum it u nicely for you. Yes, it is another harem romantic comedy that involves lots of boobs, bums and everything in between. However, what if I told you that out of the six girls pictured above, half of them were in fact… aliens?

To LOVE-ru revolves around a teenage boy called Rito (pictured above) who has been in love with a classmate of his called Haruna (pictured above second from right) but finds it difficult to express his feelings as he has absolutely no experience with women. Then one night, while Rito is relaxing in the bathtub, a naked young girl pops up out of nowhere. Rito later discovers that she is Princess Lala (pictured above third from left) who is the princess of the king of the universe and has escaped from her home s she has become tired of the arranged marriage idea that her father has assigned. After a small incident, Rito “saves” Lala. Then the next day, Rito meets with Haruna and he expresses his feelings for her with all his might to later ind out that Lala is now standing in the place that Haruna was. Lala mistakes Rito’s confession to Haruna as a confession to her and she falls in love with Rito and says that she wants to marry him. Now Rito is the first in line to become Lala’s bride, i.e. the king of the universe. However, many aliens have layed eyes on Rito and will do anything in their path to stop the marriage. Rito is now subject to a complicated love triangle and must survive from the threats from space.

Unlike most romantic comedies, the amount of “fan-service” is greater than usual,most fans believing this to be one of the keys to its success

Since the premier of its release on the famous Monthly Jump Magazine (home to such legendary anime’s as One Piece, Dragonball Z and Naruto) it has gained much attention from anime and manga fans all over the world, the third anime season “To LOVE-ru Darkness” beginning its air recently (from the date of this review). I have been a big fan of To LOVE-ru since the release of its manga, and I am quite glad that it has become quite successful. And just to let you know, no I did not become a fan just from the large amount of “fan-service” (although it is definitely a plus). Since I started reading manga, I have always been a fan of Yabuki Kentarou’s works (creator of Black Cat) and it was nice of his to challenge himself in the romantic comedy areas. And I must say, he is doing a very good job indeed.

To LOVE-ru is a romantic anime, mixing elements of comedy, harem, ecchi and fantasy, to create what is known as “a nice series that will not let the male viewers down”.


The Final Judgement:

Recommendation Level: 4.5/5 – Strongly Recommended

Final Score: 8.5/10

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