Top 10 Cutest Anime Heroines Ever

~ Top 10 Cutest Anime Heroines Ever ~

When we view different anime series, it usually (if not all the time) have a female main character or a “heroine” (unless you’re watching something concerning yaoi or BL, then that’s a different story). A female character that makes us jump with excitement; that makes us feel warm on the inside. We’ve all seen series that have one, or even multiple characters that fit into what I’m saying here. And thus, I have compiled together a list of my personal top 10 cutest female main characters in anime! Yippee!

Now, before I begin. I must let all of you know right here and right now. I am listing the cutest female characters, not the sexiest or the hottest. This means a female character that has a cute personality, face or overall the character is cute or displays some manner of cuteness. Thus, if you are looking for big boobed, big assed hot lady anime characters, then you are looking at the wrong list (or I would recommend you switch to porn). Also, when I say “heroine”, what I really mean is “female anime characters”. Thus, not all the characters displayed here are the female protagonists of their respectable series.

So, without further ado, let’s begin! Starting with number 10…

10. Kobato – Boku wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai!

The first time I watched Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, I really wasn’t expecting a cute character like Kobato. Her biggest feature is her multi-coloured eyes (although its in fact contact lenses) and her unique way of talking like an evil mage (8th-Grader Syndrome all the way, if I say so myself).

What makes her cute is the gap between her mature evil-mage character and her real soft side that comes out when she is confronted by Sena (see, even in-anime characters can’t resist her cuteness). She is what you could call “imouto-moe” (if you’re unsure, make sure to check out my review on moe); kind of makes you want to have a little sister like her if you know what I mean.

Onto number 9…

9. Rika – Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

If you’ve watched, or even heard of the Higurashi series, then you will know this character; known for her famous “Nipa~” quote and her sentences all ending in “desu”, Rika is recognized by some as being one of the many characters that help the “desu” trend spread in America and other countries. Although she can sometimes display some really evil and twisted expressions, her “normal” state is just… so cute!

I guess you could say she is another one of those “imouto-moe” characters; a character that you could easily have (or want) as a little sister… I know I want one (of course, as her normal state only; you gotta be pretty ballsy to want a little sister who is somewhat psychologically unstable like Rika can be). I guess Tamura Yukari, the voice actor for Rika, also adds the cuteness factor, she is known for voicing some very cute characters.

And number 8 is…

8. Chii – Chobits

If you’ve ever watched Chobits, you will agree that at some stage of the anime, you truly thought to yourself “I want a persocom… so badly…”. If not, then there is seriously something wrong with you… no offense. I mean come on! (SPOILER ALERT!) Even the frigging main character falls in love with Chii at the end; how can a regular viewer not fall into the same state? But I mean, Chobits in general was quite a romance centred anime and that definitely added to the effect.

What can I say, everytime Chii cried “Chii…”, I honestly got goosebumps. Hell, I even j*zzed a little. I’m not afraid to admit it; it was cute alright? Oh, and if you have never seen Chobits then I highly recommend it; it’s one of those romantic comedies that you need to watch.

Number 7 is…

7. Himeji Mizuki – Baka to Test To Shoukanjyuu

You might be thinking, ” Really?? Himeji is on this list?? Really, Anime Man?”. Well yes. I honestly love this character for some strange reason (probably because it ticks all the boxes of my Perfect Female Check List), and the first time I watched Baka to Test to Shoukanjyuu, I loved the character straight away. I don’t know… just everything about Himeji makes her a really, really cute character. Is it just me? I really need to know if the rest of the anime community thinks the same way.

All in all, this list is my own personal Top 10 list, so really I can add any character I want. So even if there might be some people who retaliate and say, “nah… Himeji shouldn’t be on this list”, then screw you, because SHE. IS. CUTE.

Ok, moving onto number 7…

6. Nakano Azusa – K-ON! / K-ON!!

Ah yes… I can’t complete this list without this character right here… Although Azusa isn’t the main main character of K-ON, she definitely deserved to be included as one of the main characters. I mean come on, how can you ever say no to a face like that? I know I couldn’t!

When it comes to K-ON characters and cuteness, there are many personal favourites; some the less obvious characters like Ritsu and Mugi, while more people like the main lead singers Yui and Mio. But it is a fact that the most popular member of Houkago Teatime is Nakano Azusa (or Azunyan as known by her fanbase), and I am proudly one of her fans. She may seem ordinary at first but she displays some really cute scenes; the most cute being of course, when she puts on the cat ears… OH MY GOD, that sent my inner moe going!

Heading into the Top 5! Number 5 is…

5. Taiga – ToraDora!

Yes. The queen of tsundere (as known by fans of ToraDora!) has made it onto this list! (clap clap clap). Now, there are many many tsundere characters that exist in anime (the term tsundere didn’t just pop out of thin air if you know what I mean), but there is usually one uniting theme when it comes to tsundere characters; they are all small and cute. In fact, you could almost describe them as being “fragile”.

Taiga is one of those fragile tsundere characters that sent many man-hearts racing. But not from her tsun-ness (unless you’re into that kind of thing), but more from the dere-ness; in other words, the gap between her tsun and dere. But I guess that’s how tsundere works doesn’t it? Take a good look at the above image… that sh*t is frigging CUTE!! And that is the same character that, a few minutes ago, was calling you an idiot for calling her cute… that is just awesome!

And now, number 4…

4. Rikka – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

I was talking about 8th Grade Syndrome back at 10th place, but this is on a totally different level. And I mean, totally different. If Kobato is the perfect example of 8th-Grader Syndrome being cute, then Rikka invented the equation “8th-Grader Syndrome = Ultimate cuteness”. Rikka is always in a state of 8th-Grader Syndrome (hence the title of the anime uses the word “chuunibyou” lit. 8th-Grader Syndrome) and hence she is in a constant state of ultimate cuteness (just abiding by the equation here!).

Although the voice actor for Rikka is not as well known as other voice actors, she displays very good skills that draws the ultimate cuteness out of this character in large quantities at a time. I guess she is one of those characters that makes you think to yourself, “I wish I had a Rikka…” at the end of each episode. Now that is brainwashing by cuteness, for you!

We have know reached the Top 3! Here we go… at Number 3…

3. Konata – Lucky Star

Do I really have to explain why this character has made it onto this list? I mean, I think it speaks for itself to be honest. Look at this character… can you honestly say that the original author thought of the main design and characteristics of this character without ever thinking of the word “cute”? No, of course not. That’s because Konata is one of those characters that adds the word cute to the Lucky Star dictionary.

Small figure, small chest and cute facial expressions are the main ingredients for a moe-filled, cute anime character. And by adding the secret recipe of “game and anime lover”, Konata has succeeded in making all the otaku’s of modern society fall to their knees and pray that Konata really existed in real life. But their wishes were never to become true… so instead they turned to watching Lucky Star and dream of Konata, “the perfect girl” for an anime otaku.

The Top 2! At number 2 is…

2. Fuko – Clannad / Clannad – After Story –

“The starfish loving, dumbfounded pocket of cuteness” is the best phrase that I could think up off the top of my head that can explain Fuko in a nutshell for those who haven’t heard or seen Clannad before (and if you haven’t seen or heard of Clannad yet, then you should be ashamed of yourselves). The above scene that I have stuck up there is one of the many reasons that makes Fuko number 2 on this list; she is one of those characters that I much like a child. Even during the anime, the main character plays many tricks on her and, in a display of pure cuteness, falls for it every single time.

I guess you could say that she could almost fall under the “imouto-moe” genre as she was seen as such within the story by the main characters. Although she is a “high school student”, her small figure and childish mindset makes her such an adorable and cute character. If anybody has any issues with Fuko being on this list then please, for the sake of the rest of the anime community, shut you mouths.

And finally, the winner. At number 1 on the Top 10 Cutest Anime Heroines Ever, is…

1. Hina – Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!

Yes, this may be a surprise to some readers! But I can honestly say that although I had a lot of trouble picking the Top 10 cutest anime heroines (and trust me, there are a lot of characters that I chose from), I had absolutely no trouble picking number 1. The first character that came to mind when I thought of “a cute anime character” was Hina from Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!.

This character is only about 4-5 years old; probably one of the youngest main characters in all of the anime series that I have seen. And this character is, absolutely hands down, the cutest little thing that you will ever set your eyes on in your entire life. OK, I may have exaggerated there a little… But seriously! Look at the above picture, just look at it! Now can you, in all your honesty, swear that you don’t feel warm or cuddly inside, just from looking at her?

Well if you did, then it gets better. If you haven’t yet seen the series yet, then listen to her talk. The only thing that I can say is… “that sh*t is not good for your heart (if you know what I mean)”. The voice is done by voice actor Igarashi Hiromi who is in fact not a very well known voice actor; in fact, this series is one of the only series in which she plays a main character. However, I have to applaud her for doing such a great job on the voice acting. Thank you Hiromi Igarashi for making me feel less of a man inside! Oh by the way, if you haven’t yet seen the series yet, then I highly recommend it; it’s warm and cuddly!


Well, there you have it. The Top 10 Cutest Anime Heroines Ever, as selected by The Anime Man!
Now, there may be some characters that I missed (there are a lot of characters that could fit into this list as you may know) so if you think that I missed someone, then let me know! Comment on a character that you think deserved to be included on this list!

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